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What a week. I’m sure more than a few regular readers will think today’s column will be about the royal pain in the … er, I mean … the royal wedding of last Friday. With the deconstruction of societal norms in full swing, I admit it was wonderful seeing such an unabashed celebration of traditional marriage, in the mother of all churches no less, between one man and one woman (how quaint!). Having said that, the fawning and slobbering mass of press corps camped out in London for days on end was nothing short of pathetic. It’s difficult to think of these folks as serious journalists when their “reporting” was more in keeping with People magazine or Entertainment Tonight.
You might also assume I’d write about the news from Pakistan regarding Osama bin Laden – a truly evil man who died Sunday from the sudden onset of lead poisoning courtesy of the US Navy SEALS Team Six.
I’ll only say that I’m torn between immense pride in our military’s special forces (who serve with the same unrivaled levels of excellence and sacrifice no matter who their Commander In Chief might be), and my gut reaction to the cringe-worthy, mob-like public displays of euphoria at the killing of another human – no matter how deserving of death that person may have been. As much as I love seeing crowds chanting “U! S! A!” there’s something sobering and unsettling in many of those eyes.
The surprisingly powerful and sustained winds that blew through the our community this past weekend made me consider discussing the recent devastation and loss of life throughout Alabama. After all, with a tornado season that has already exacted a historic toll on thousands of our fellow Americans, I can certainly tolerate my trash cans being blown around the yard by Santa Anas.
Each of the subjects above has been covered ad nauseam, however. Besides which, I’ve already tested the limits of your tolerance for troubling topics with my column of last week. And by the way, I can’t thank you enough for your many heartfelt emails of condolence at the passing of my dog, Sierra. We have some wonderfully compassionate people living in these foothills.
In spite of all the major news stories of late, the events most on my mind right now are much closer to home. For example, next week my wife and I will drive down to Point Loma to help pack up our youngest son’s dorm and bring him back home after his freshman year away at college. When we dropped him off last August, this date seemed impossibly far away. Now it’s just around the corner and I like that. A lot. Unfortunately, his homecoming will be short lived. He’ll be leaving again the second week of June for a summer-long job at Hume Lake Christian Camp.
The same weekend we’re in San Diego, another son will be loading his pickup to begin the 1,200 mile drive home from Missoula where he’s been studying wildlife biology this school year. With our blessing, he recently decided to apply for official Montana state residency next year, so this will be his last summer home between semesters. Let the record show that we fully intend to enjoy every moment he’s home.
He’s been in Montana since last August, so for the first time in years he and I didn’t attend the annual opening of fishing season (a belated Merry “Fishmas” everyone!) in the Sierras this past Saturday. We have a lot of catching (up) to do.
Just this week my wife and I also received our official wilderness permit that allows us to attempt the hike to the summit of 14,505 foot Mt. Whitney at the end of summer. The keyword here is “attempt.” Let the training hikes begin!
So, let the Royals celebrate, the U.S. military congratulate, and the people of Alabama commiserate. I’ve got my mind on our kids coming home, on a summer that’s almost here and a calendar full of challenge and adventure. Bring it!
And if we’re not too busy, hopefully, I’ll see you ‘round town.

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