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A School, A Bridge, and Our Children’s Future


One can easily connect the benefits of a school to our children’s future.  Schools are important in educating the next generation. But, what does a bridge have to do with a school, our children’s future and our community?

A simple definition of a bridge is a structure to span physical obstacles for the purpose of providing passage. But bridges can be much more. Bridges connect communities. And in the case of Mountain Avenue Elementary School, a simple bridge that crosses Pickens Canyon connects La Cañada to La Crescenta. Like an artery to the heart, the bridge carries students to and from school, relieves traffic on Mountain Avenue, provides access to a small park and learning area, creates an alternate exit for teachers and students in case of an emergency and, most importantly, connects our communities together.

I can understand the perspective of some parents in La Cañada that want their children to attend La Cañada schools. A parent wants what is best for their children and also wants to be connected to their community. With that said, I think that these same La Cañada parents will understand my perspective, too.

I support the transfer of Sagebrush under one simple but important condition: that the transfer would not disrupt the education of the children who remain. Unfortunately, GUSD has not yet worked with the community to develop a solid plan that will ensure that our children’s education at Mountain Avenue Elementary will not be negatively impacted. The GUSD staff should immediately work with the community to develop a plan before the transfer petition is considered. If not, there can be only one answer to the petition, and that is “no.” We shouldn’t risk any student’s education to expedite the process.

There is a lesson here for everyone to learn. Not all bridges are built to overcome physical barriers; some are built to overcome political ones. And it’s time to build bridges in our community, not tear them down. It’s not about La Cañada or La Crescenta; it’s about a better educated Foothill Community for generations to come.

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James Bodnar

La Crescenta

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