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Hi, CV!

To summarize last week’s talks: Hi, my name is Dan* and I’m an alcoholic.

Hi, my name is Tina and I love the teenage brain.

A grant due date and moving have me behind the 8 ball. Here’s an assignment written by my daughter; she got 22/25:

I volunteered for CV Alliance, a non-profit organization in Crescenta Valley that works to keep teens off drugs and alcohol. My best friend and I did many tasks including managing booths at fairs, signing in visitors and volunteers at parenting sessions and discussions, and sorting old prescription drugs at the take back. Personally, I found all the jobs very tedious and boring. I now know what I’ve always suspected: I never want to spend my life doing this.

The people at my work site were very nice, well-meaning people. My bosses were pretty easy to work with, although they were less easy-going than I was because they actually took the job seriously. The only volunteer who worked with me at every event was my best friend, Lucia, who was very easy and fun to work with. She and I saw eye-to-eye about everything to do with our tasks, so getting work done was easy.

At one event, Lucia and I went to go buy lunch, which was a build-your-own burger stand. On our way there, a middle-aged man flagged us down. He gives us $10 and tells us to buy him a burger. We asked him what we wants on it, but he kept repeating, “Buy the burger.” We nod, buy him a plain burger, and gave it to him. He opens the burger and starts complaining to everybody around him that we didn’t give him any toppings. This taught me that your actions won’t always meet someone’s expectations.

Overall, my experience was pretty good. It felt good to be helping out and I got to spend more time with Lucia. I realize I could do a lot worse, plus this is good training for the inevitable [because] at one point in my life I’ll have a job I don’t like.
Suzy Jacobs, Executive Director,
CV Alliance
3131 Foothill Blvd. Suite D
La Crescenta, CA 91214
(818) 646-7867

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