The Fix Was In:  Mayor Paula Devine
If the Emmy Awards® were presented for the best ensemble actors in a farce and continuing TV series, the Glendale City Council would have won the Emmy® hands down.
The fix was in when Councilwoman Paula Devine was appointed by her colleagues as our new mayor. Councilwoman Laura Friedman played the role of a jilted lover and nominated herself and nobody seconded her nomination. What a surprise when Mrs. Devine, the heroine, pulled out a prepared acceptance speech…
Behind closed doors, in violation of the Brown Act, our council members had discussed among themselves who would be our next mayor. The same fix was also done behind closed doors for nominating former mayors Najarian and Friedman. (The Calif. Brown Act attempts to prevent backroom politics by a majority of elected officials in a local legislative body from holding undisclosed meetings and discussing privately an issue before the legislative body).
Also the fix was in a few weeks ago when former Mayor Najarian was upset with councilman Vartan Gharpetian. Mayor Najarian publicly stated during the evening meeting that beforehand all the council members had discussed among themselves [how] they were going to vote against the position of the Friends of Rockhaven and now Mr. Gharpetian was voting against the majority on council. The fix was in … another  violation of The Brown Act!
Mike Mohill