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Encourages Community Service
I am a seventh grader at St. Bede the Venerable School in La Cañada.

I am writing this letter in the hopes that you will publish it in your newspaper. I would like to share with your readers my experience with completing service hours for my school. I would like to encourage everyone to perform community service every month because I know it will make a difference in our community.

All seventh graders at my school are required to complete at least three hours of community service per quarter. I have found this to be a great experience which allows me to participate in community events and help others. I would like to share this wonderful experience with your readers and encourage others to also participate in community service on a regular basis because there is such a need for this.

The most humbling service I performed this quarter was helping the fifth grade Girl Scout Troop at my school with their Bronze Award project. The Troop collected used books and toys to donate to a local Catholic school, Immaculate Conception, in Los Angeles. This school is in great need of the very basic items. Most of the children who attend this school are very needy. My sister’s class went to visit this school at Christmas time. They delivered Christmas toys to all the kids. I also did this in fifth grade but for a different school. I remember how much I enjoyed it. It was very gratifying to know I made a difference in someone’s life.

All donations were brought to my house so I helped the Troop sort, then load all the books and toys into a huge van for delivery to the school by the Scouts. It was amazing to see how generous people were in their donations. We had over 30 boxes delivered to the school.

I would ask that all readers perform just one hour of community service a month. Just think of all the things that this community can accomplish if everyone does this little amount! This would draw the community even closer and think of all the good that can be done. I realize there are so many people in need, and we all need to pitch in and help out. It will definitely humble you and make you a better person!     So, come on, and get involved in your community by volunteering  just one hour a month. You will not regret it!

Andrew Nettels, student
St. Bede the Venerable School

Upset at CVWD
I am very disappointed that the Crescenta Valley Water District includes artificial grass in its rebate program for turf removal/replacement. As a CVWD customer, I object to this use of our water rates.

Of course we shouldn’t be wasting water on real grass lawns, either. These lawns are not appropriate in our climate and it is absurd to encourage fake versions.

Rewarding customers who install fake grass perpetuates our attachment to English-style lawns which flourish in summer rains. We should go natural and adopt the Mediterranean look.

There are numerous environmental drawbacks to fake grass. It interferes with rainwater permeating into groundwater. It doesn’t produce oxygen and creates “heat islands.” Manufacturing, shipping, retailing, installing and maintaining fake grass uses water and other resources and produces carbon, contributing to climate change.

And it looks and feels exactly like what it is – fake. Some nice local foothill rocks are more attractive.

The CVWD should encourage water conservation by educating us to respect and appreciate our native landscape.

Roberta Medford

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  1. During the hot California summers, will artificial grass be too hot for a child to play on?

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