Maybe the Sign Isn’t Enough
Upon seeing the new Hindenberg Park sign, I was flooded with feelings. Growing up in La Crescenta, I spent a lot of time at CV Park. Even in the mid 1960s, without a sign the west end of the park was called Hindenburg Park. Being more remote and lacking play equipment we didn’t often venture that far. Looking back, I recall the location being shrouded in mystery … not of the fun variety, but dark and kind of scary. It was not spoken of much in those days although some claimed there had been a statue of Hitler (they meant Hindenburg, most likely). Years passed as did my early impressions. With one look at the new sign, they all came back. As an adult and historian, my feelings were well founded.

You may say, “It is just a park sign and it’s historical.” Well, yes … both are true. It was a location where fun celebrations took place. But it was also the location where the seeds of evil were being planted. Members of the Nazi Party distributed their anti-semitic and “master race” propaganda. Youth camps, teaching the same, were held during the summer. Old film footage of these is available. Chilling…

Yes, it is just a sign with a park name just as the Confederate flag is just a flag. In both cases, it is what they represent – a dark and evil side of history and human nature. If the sign remains, perhaps an historical plaque could be installed to give a full account of the activities at Hindenberg Park … good and bad.

Sue Kilpatrick
La Crescenta

The Power of Voice
1915, 1915, 1915 … Feels as though it were only yesterday. April 24, 2015 marked the centennial of the Armenian Genocide, and since then the Centennial Countdown of the Armenian Genocide began and continues until 2023.

For 100 years, we faced the perpetrators’ lies and denials. We faced every waking hour of the day without their remorse. Turkey committed the most inhumane crime of the century. They almost destroyed all civilization to ashes. Our martyrs endured what is known as the darkest pages in history. They could not escape the enemy’s bloody hands.

For an entire century, Turkey fooled the world. They seek to cover our deaths with dust leaving our martyrs unburied. Likewise on our Centennial, they were confident in fooling the world.

Will you succumb to the shameless faces who spit on truth? Will you support those who abused the memory of our martyrs in Der Zor (Deir al-Zor)?  Yet, the enemy destroyed the memorial in Der Zor that housed the ashes and relics of our martyrs, on the Eve of our Centennial in 2014 coinciding with Armenia’s Independence Day. Through which our now sanctified martyrs  marched the death marches in the Syrian desert of Der Zor.

The world cannot shake the enemy’s bloody hands for they have no shame. They slyly disguise their faces before the United Nations and European Union claiming democracy. They were those hands that burned our desecrated churches, tombs, and ancestral lands.

Let us cut the false allied hands! No one wants to shake hands with Hitter, neither his heirs, as should be with the perpetrators of the Armenian Genocide. Let us break the lies like the justice system would do.

World powers, you may be unaware of why we, Armenians, survived, why we lived 100 years apart from our martyrs, yet we appeal to you. You must listen to our truth to do what justice demands. Since my people have the Armenian cause, since you have the means of ruling justice, the power verdict, we will speak truth and my people shall be in peace.

We have the strength of voice to appeal to your honorable world powers and diplomats.You have the power to demand justice for truth to be spoken. The century is not over, as the centennial countdown just began, and so we continue speaking truth.

Join us for our annual marches every April 24 and raise your voice, Justice: Justice for the Armenian Genocide victims! And revere our now sanctified martyrs!

Rachel Melikian, former GCC Woman of the Year

An Andrew Fan
It is cliché to say that elections are about the future. Eventually, all politicians fall back on this old rhetorical trope to convince the electorate to support their vision of the years ahead, which necessarily is in direct opposition to their opponent’s. Only a select few public figures have the courage not to politicize our future. Thankfully, one of them is running for California State Assembly: Andrew Blumenfeld.

As a student in the Glendale Unified School District, I understand the profound impact educational policy can have on a local community. Because of his breadth of experience in local policymaking, I trust Andrew to represent the best interests of the foothills area in Sacramento. My future – and the futures of my peers, friends and neighbors – depends on his policy expertise and commitment to public service.

Mr. Blumenfeld is a lifelong resident of the foothills and a committed public servant with a proven record of independence and a willingness to compromise. As the youngest-ever member of the La Cañada School Board, he demonstrated an unmatched command of policy knowledge and an unwavering dedication to the students of his district. As a volunteer educator in a poverty-stricken Los Angeles elementary school, he put the well-being of his students before his own personal advancement, helping them to achieve in the face of daunting social and economic obstacles. And if elected to the Assembly, he will put these skills to work on a statewide level to the benefit of students throughout the Golden State.

We deserve a representative who is willing to work for a better tomorrow without thinking of his own personal gain.
Will Bleveans
La Crescenta