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Appreciates ‘Reflections’
I opened the paper one beautiful Thursday morning and immediately smiled. For there was the title of From the Desk of the Editor, waiting to greet me: “Easter, Passover Reflections.” Thank you, thank you, thank you Robin for remembering that this time of year plays host to another religion’s (besides Christianity) holiday. This [past] weekend wasn’t just Easter, it was Passover, too!

Now, as a Jew living in La Crescenta, I understand that there is a very small fraction of Jewish people in this area compared to our Christian friends, but often it can get very isolating around the time of major Christian holidays- including Christmas/Hanukah time. Imagine being repeatedly wished a Happy ____, when in fact you don’t actually celebrate that holiday! I appreciate the sentiment behind the phrase, but something inside me always feels just a little bit sad. I often feel that people don’t take the time to find out when other religious or cultural holidays occur, and if they do know, they don’t really care. I’m sure you can imagine my face when I went on to read Sue Kilpatrick’s Weather in the Foothills. How nice it was to not only receive well-wishes for both holidays, but also a short explanation of each! How sincere and well-rounded to do a little research, and thus become educated in each, and then go on to share this knowledge with others.

So, a huge thank you to the CV Weekly staff for making me feel included, too.
Paige Harris
La Crescenta

Fire Should be Warning
The massive fire on the 134 Freeway Saturday night, April 7, caused by a speeder rear-ending a gasoline tanker truck really illustrates what a bad idea it is to extend the 710 Freeway with a several mile long tunnel. Can you imagine the consequences of such a fire in a tunnel? Only the toxic smoke and fumes would escape the ventilation shafts, sharing all the pollution with whatever unlucky neighborhoods CalTrans might choose for those facilities.

Please let your elected state representatives know extending the 710 is a bad idea whose time has passed. We need a better way to transport all kinds of freight and it shouldn’t be with trucks intermixed with passenger vehicles.

Sharon Weisman

National Car Care Month Offers Opportunity
April is National Car Care Month and chances are if you own a car, it needs some work. Results of community car care events held throughout the country in 2011 show that many consumers are neglecting their cars, with more than eight out of 10 vehicles failing at least one component of the vehicle inspection process. National Car Care Month is the perfect time to focus on your vehicle’s maintenance needs.

To help motorists “be car care aware,” the non-profit Car Care Council has introduced a new online service schedule, free to all motorists throughout the country. The personalized schedule and e-mail reminder service, powered by DriverSide.com, can be customized by motorists at the council’s newly introduced website, www.carcare.org. Whether you do it yourself or take your car to a professional service technician, following a preventative maintenance schedule will help keep your vehicle safe, dependable and on the road longer. And our new system will give you the reminders that you need to stay on top of this maintenance.

To help consumers become more comfortable with the auto service and repair process, the Car Care Council also recently introduced a new video entitled “Auto Service and Repair: What to Expect” that provides a wealth of information on such topics as finding the right auto repair facility, what to expect at the shop and what questions to ask. The video also covers the real truth about consumer rights and the manufacturer’s warranty.
For more helpful information, check out the council’s free digital Car Care Guide.

Rich White, executive director
Car Care Council

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