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Scheduling updates kick off this column. We will hold our final two Parent Sessions of this school year on April 14, “A Positive Community,” with Pastor Bill Flanders, our board president and April 21, “Drugs and Teens: A Parent’s Perspective,” with Anonymous. Our final Teen Trials & Tribulations presentation for parents and teens takes place on Thursday, April 23 when Tina Givrad, Ph.D., discusses “Reengineering the Teenage Brain.” Talks are free, open to the public, run from 7 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. in the CVHS Library, 2900 Community Ave. Join us! Our speakers donate their time and minds for your benefit.

We are grateful to Tina Givrad for all that she has taught us about the teenage brain as a result of cutting-edge research.  We know that the last part of the brain that develops controls rationality.  Until the pleasure center – amygdala – loses its supremacy, adults must protect children. Time spent during teen years hardwires adult brain behavior.  Captain Sullenberger flew planes as a teen, wanting to impress a girl with his mad skills. It was no wonder he was able to safely land in the Hudson River. What interests your teen today sets up their future.

Want to teach a teen? Make sure you don’t activate their fight, flight or freeze reactions, and whatever you do, don’t bore them.  Be interesting, mix it up, stimulate them. Don’t resist; it’s developmental!  We can’t wait to learn more when she defines and discusses reengineering. The time is now to maximize the capacity of a young person’s brain. By the mid-20s, what’s done is done. An avid video gamer, Tina suggests Scouts or an activity that requires critical and creative thinking.

Think back to when you were young and the things you and/or your classmates did during your glory days. Now think about where everyone is today because of, and inspite of, the fact we were ruled by our unruly teenage brains.  Show compassion and control for the teenage brains in your home and in our community.

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Suzy Jacobs, Executive Director,
CV Alliance

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