So Many Reasons To Get Out

From the desk of the publisher Robin Goldsworthy

Where does one start? I guess by praising God that we are entering the final week of this torrid campaign season.

I would like to first offer my thanks to those who have thrown their hat into the ring for city council or school board or community college. I’m sure that many of these candidates submitted their name in response to a sense of civic duty and a desire to serve our community. Others – well, I’m not quite sure.

As publisher of a newspaper, I’ve been asked which candidates the paper is endorsing. I have a problem with the idea that I, as publisher, can speak for “the paper” which employs so many people with diverse opinions. Anyone on my staff is free to offer their opinion in Viewpoints on the current political race – an idea I know not every publication embraces – and I know that my opinion is just that: my opinion. However, I have had the chance to learn about the candidates through questions posed by this paper, watching televised meetings and even moderating a forum.

After sifting through this information, I offer the following:

I have already hollered Yes on S, so that’s nothing new.

For school board, I strongly urge a vote for Mary Boger. She has years of experience and though the Glendale Teachers Assn. sent out a derogatory mailer accusing her almost singlehandedly of causing the financial crisis the district is experiencing, she instead has been one who has kept us out of ruin.

A candidate that would complement Boger is Todd Hunt. Though green in politics, he has been active in educational circles for years.

Of the Glendale Community College candidates, they seem all very qualified so I offer neither a “yay” nor “nay.” From what I’ve read, they all seem honorable and able to serve.

I do, however, have an opinion regarding the Glendale City Council.

Of all the candidates running for city council, I feel that John Drayman best represents the foothill community. And while he has been criticized for this very fact, critics forget that the Crescenta Valley had been underrepresented for years. That Drayman has been an advocate for all of Glendale is evident by projects he has supported that include Adams Square and the Neon Museum that is scheduled to open. Aside from that, he has conducted himself admirably week after week as Mike Mohill – a fellow candidate – and Barry Allen have verbally assaulted him specifically and the council in general.

And speaking of Mr. Mohill, who has accused this newspaper of employing “smear tactics,” I ask: Do you know the area in which you are vying for the residents’ vote? I ask because he was passing out campaign flyers in the unincorporated portion of Los Angeles County adjacent to the city of Glendale – an area not able to vote for city council. This action does not exactly bolster confidence of his knowledge of his desired constituency. Also, it must be noted that Drayman did not “out” anybody’s sexual orientation (I don’t think most people care anyway), but “outed” past criminal acts.

Regarding the remaining roster of candidates, I feel some are too green, some perhaps too seasoned for me to throw my support behind.

So while this has been a season of “outing” – whether sexually or criminally – we are all responsible to get out … get out and vote that is on April 5.