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May Not Be True American-Style, But…

I was so excited to see the sign up where the original Shakey’s Pizza Parlor was that said future Straw Hat Pizza, and to see them finally tearing down the previous façade.     [Straw Hat] may not be the “American style” restaurant that I had been originally hoping for, but what is more American than an American pizza parlor? It is still a place where families can come and have a good time, to celebrate a special occasion, or just hang out with friends and neighbors.

I remember as a little girl going to Shakey’s and thinking it was such a special deal to see the piano player and singing along with everyone, waiting for that big pizza to come to our table. It was a place where I met up with friends when I was older, and a place that I took my own kids. It had a sense of community, and that is what it is all about.

I never understood what the problem was when there was an issue with parking for Straw Hat when it use to be a pizza place to begin with, and there was always enough. I am glad it was resolved and La Crescenta will have a fun place to gather for a meal, a beer, glass of wine, or just to run in for take out.

Although I am still hoping for that “all American-style” restaurant, like an Applebees or maybe a nice steakhouse, I will gladly welcome Straw Hat Pizza into our community. Who knows? Now that the economy is getting better, we may get that restaurant of my dreams someday!

Terry Kappen
Former Foothill Restauranteer member
La Crescenta

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