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Robotics Team Cheers on Their Mentor

[Clark Magnet High School] robotics team 696, the Circuit Breakers, congratulates their teacher and head mentor, David Black. This Friday, March 6, Mr. Black will be receiving the Diamond Award for Distinguished Achievement in Science and Technology from the Glendale Education Foundation. This award is given to individuals who have made significant contributions in the area of science and technology. Since 2011, he has been transforming high school students into engineers. He has taught us to think like engineers in everything we do, even if they don’t involve STEM.

Mr. Black, aside from being the head mentor, also started two VEX teams and GEARS (Girls in Engineering and RoboticS) at Clark Magnet High School. These were created so that every student who is interested in engineering, math, design, programming, and many others has the opportunity to gain some experience of what it’s like.

He started the CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing) class as a fourth level of engineering that our school offers. This class gives students the opportunity to master the use of advanced machinery, like the HAAS mini mill, at Clark that even some of the best universities don’t own. Students who learn how to operate the HAAS mini mill are already ahead of most college students.

Mr. Black, the engineering and robotics instructor at Clark Magnet High School, is highly deserving of this award. We, as a team, congratulate him.

Team 696

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