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letters to the editor


the call to action

Jim Chase’s articles are always on-point and much appreciated. His column of Feb. 11 (“A storm of accusations”) was quite compelling with the “call to take responsibility” much needed.

Thank you, Jim, for taking time to write each week, whether it’s humorous or serious. Your use of the English language is refreshing in a society of abbreviations, spell check, Emoticons, and one-syllable words. Kudos!

S.H. Miles


Warning for

fellow residents

On Feb. 16, my car was broken into and my purse was stolen near Lincoln Elementary School. The police officer told me that I was the third victim that day and it was only 9:00 in the morning!

I was talking to the principal at Lincoln when another parent came up and told me that her car window was smashed last week at her nearby home. She was also a victim of “bash and grab.”

I’ve been e-mailing and talking to friends advising them to please keep their eyes open and do not leave valuables in their car.

It was such a headache to cancel my credit cards and checking account and it took hours at DMV to get a new license. I hope this letter can save at least one person from going through this problem.

Amy Taylor


Bowl game provided more than football

Audiologists everywhere were thrilled to see Saints Quarterback Drew Brees protecting his child’s hearing during the Super Bowl 2010.

Parents often believe when their child passes their newborn hearing screening at birth that the child’s hearing will be normal by the time he/she enters school. However, it’s so important to understand that 25 times more children will have hearing loss when they enter grade school than had hearing loss at birth! Children are exposed to high noise levels more than ever before. Noise-induced hearing loss is permanent and 100% preventable. Brees’s leadership in hearing protection helped bring that message home.

Kudos for bringing the prevention of hearing loss in children to the world’s attention.

For more information on hearing loss, visit the American Academy of Audiology’s consumer web site:

Oh, and by the way, Drew, congratulations on a great game!

Mary L. Frintner, Au.D

La Cañada

Book drive a success

Thank you! Thank you! The announcements in the Crescenta Valley Weekly about the Kiwanis Book Drive are so appreciated. Folks donated 1,000 books for the USC County Public Hospital, Toll Middle School, Union Avenue Elementary School and several other underfunded classrooms and preschools in Los Angeles. The majority of the donations came through an outpouring of support at Once Upon a Time bookstore at 2207 Honolulu Ave., Montrose. Storeowner Maureen [Palacios] inspired me to hold a book drive when she told the story of a little girl she met at Toll Middle School who only owned one book. I decided I was going to do something about it and with the help of Once Upon A Time, Kiwanis Club of La Cañada, The K-Kids and the community we have made a difference! So a great big thank you to everyone involved.

Wendy Alane Smith

Kiwanis Club of La Cañada

Cheers for JV coverage

News of our JV basketball team is seldom covered in the newspaper so it was especially nice to see the photo of our Pacific League Champions and their coach featured in your Feb. 25 edition. Thank you!

Emily Stecker

La Crescenta

To CVWD customers

Just a little background information for the selection of someone to fill the seat that Richard Atwater was asked to vacate by the district attorney due to state regulations prohibiting serving on two state boards simultaneously.

Richard was an asset to CVWD as he is to Foothill Municipal. Some concerned citizen raised the issue after the election that he could not legally serve on two water boards. Richard received the third largest number of votes and was elected and I received the fourth largest number of votes in November’s official election. Had the citizen informed the district attorney that Richard Atwater was currently serving on the two boards at the time he was running for election he would have stepped down and I would have received the third number of votes and returned to the CVWD board of directors.

I believe I have community support to return to the board. I was asked many times over the years by the community, CVWD board members and staff to run for the board. I declined to run because in attending CVWD board meetings over those years I realized the current boards were doing a good job for us. My philosophy is, “If it’s not broken, don’t fix it!”

Due to a board member’s resignation in 2007 I decided it was a good time for me to apply for a board position. I waited many years to run for the board attending most of their meetings and communicating my interest in that way, as well as actually running for the elected seat, along with my much esteemed colleague Vaskin Yardman in November of 2009.

I have studied and attained a good working knowledge of the issues facing our water district. I am a graduate of the 2008 Special District and Local Government Institute and the Libert Cassidy Whitmore Ethics in Government Workshop. I know I can continue to communicate issues to our CVWD district customers. I am continually accessible to CVWD customers, known and trusted by them.

I would like to return to a seat on the board. I am aware of the many people who this week are asking to be seated on the board, however, I feel I am already “up to speed” on CVWD issues and have the keen interest that shows in my placing myself on the actual ballot for the CVWD in November, campaigning actively for that seat and winning the fourth number of the votes, you, the CVWD customers cast.

Director Bodnar of the CVWD was quoted in the press that he would “consider community viewpoints expressed during November’s election and applicant qualifications” in deciding who should be selected for the board. I would ask you to give the district a call or send them an e-mail if I continue to have your support. The telephone is (818) 248-3925 and the e-mail is

Charles K. Beatty

La Crescenta

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  1. Gary Idama says:

    Dear Ms. Goldworthy of the Crescenta Valley Weekly,

    The op-ed concerning the “sediment placement sites” mirrors the fear I have been having since our “omniscient” public officials deemed it safe to create a huge pile of debris almost over our heads in the Deukmejian Park site. No matter how much they compact and terrace the site with “adequate” drainage, the old adage, “What goes up, must come down.” is in accord with the laws of physics. Can our wise officials guarantee that the “ginormous” sediment placement sites will hold in a 100 year flood? If not, how many untold people will die as this irresistible force comes racing down Boston, Lauderdale and Dunsmore Avenue?

    If the sediment placement sites were only temporary dump sites because of their proximity to the debris basins and because time was of the essence when the debris basins were filling up with the past rains, I would see the validity of using the sediment placement sites. However, the sediment in the placement sites then should be used as land fill material in the flat areas or in other safe places as needed through out Southern California so that the sediment placements sites in the higher altitudes are slowly taken away.

    I am so infuriated at the cavalier attitude our public officials have when our lives and property are at stake. We have a Sword of Damocles over our heads, and they are willing to gamble with our lives for their expediency. So when the 100 year flood hits, and we die an excruciating death, the only thing that will be said by these public officials will be, “Oh, well, my bad.” Also, as a practical economic matter, who in their right minds would want to buy a home downhill of the sediment placement sites when it can come sliding down at any moment and with the potential danger lasting as long as the debris exists? Our property values will all come tumbling down because our public officials do not want to be inconvenienced by taking away the debris from the placement sites.

    What can we do to prod these public officials into action? As a resident who lives on Boston Avenue a block below Markridge, I am extremely concerned about the above situation. I would like to make the officials who thought of this hare-brained idea live along Markridge every day so they too can experience the fear and anxiety every time it starts to rain in torrents. By the way, Kudos to Mr. Lawler for bringing up the issue of the sediment placement sites.


    Gary Idama

    La Crescenta, California

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