Snow Boots and Barbecue

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From the desk of the publisher Robin Goldsworthy

So how much fun was last weekend’s snowfall? I know that when weather columnist Sue Kilpatrick said last Thursday that there was a definite possibility of snow – low snow – I was excited. I’ve lived in the foothills since 1980 and have seen snow a couple of times in the La Crescenta neighborhoods in which I’ve lived.

I remember back in the ’80s when Steve and I owned a cable company in Crescenta Valley when it snowed heavy enough that Steve and our technicians had to climb into our satellite dishes up on Foothill Boulevard to shovel out the snow. That was really something! Anything to keep our customers from having “snowy reception.” (ba-dum)

Seriously, we’ve received some beautiful photos of the recent dusting that I’ve posted on our website under Photo Gallery. Thanks to everyone who sent them in.

As much fun as I thought the snow was, it almost put a crimp on weekend plans.

A good family friend of ours, Mark Miller, has an annual blow-out barbecue the last Saturday in February. Mark is a phenomenal cook – his mac and cheese is legendary – and the barbecue is a much-anticipated event. As the temperatures inched lower and lower, I was nervously waiting for a phone call cancelling the event.

Thankfully no call came and around 6 p.m. we dressed for Mark’s. Though barbecue was on the menu, warm weather was not so I donned a wooly sweater and – yes, it’s true – snow boots.

A girl has to be warm.


The weather also dampened – or at

least attempted to dampen – my spirits over the new addition to the Goldsworthy family. No, there’s no new babies in our family. A week ago I bought a longed-for convertible car.

For many years – probably around 20 – I drove a van, a Mom-mobile, complete with television and VCR. A couple of years ago, we had the chance to buy a Camry for a great deal, so we purchased for our three boys that were in varying stages of getting their driver’s licenses. But they took forever and I decided to sell the van and drive the Camry myself.

I really enjoyed zipping around town in the Camry; so much different than the van. Much more nimble. But then the boys started getting their licenses and things began to change.

A dent in the parking lot, a “love tap” on the freeway left the little car bruised. The deciding factor was when I was pulling into my office parking lot a couple of weeks ago and a gal backed into me. That was it! Mama was getting some new wheels.

As luck would have it, I found a wonderful used convertible Toyota Solara for a very affordable price on Ventura Boulevard. As soon as I got it home, I took it in to Bill Campbell’s shop next door on Honolulu Avenue for a tip-to-toe inspection.

Bill and Lisa are great folks, Falcon families whose son played this past soccer season. Bill gave me a short laundry list of items to address, which I did, and I was free to fall in love with my new car.

I’m happily buzzing around town with only one complaint.

When is the sun going to come out again? I want to put the top down!

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