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Weighs in on Gun Show
I’ve always admired the Glendale City Council in the past for resisting the shrill voices of the anti-gun show enthusiasts. I hope that admiration on this issue won’t also be a thing of the past. I’ve watched the council meetings with the people – pro and con – discussing this: the antis are as shrill as ever, the pros are calm, reasonable and factual.

Then we have an administrator from Glendale Community College comparing the gun show right next to the college as a spark next to a barrel of gunpowder. Please, sir! Get a grip on yourself. You do your office, the college and the students a huge disfavor by making these impossibly absurd and mendacious remarks. Are you so intellectually vacuous that you would insult the intelligence of your students? You imply that they are helpless babies, not knowing how to think, needing the protection of “Mama” college.

Instead of throwing out wild accusations and making incendiary remarks, why don’t you take advantage of the gun show adjacency to the college and instruct your U.S. history and government classes to attend the gun show at the Civic, where they can question the vendors and generally see their 2nd Amendment rights in action (to say nothing about their 1st Amendment rights). Then they can make up their own minds and come to their own conclusions, which is the essence of education.

Society – as a whole – needs to step away from hysteria and reactionary emotionalism about guns and gun control. We need to look at this in the cool light of reason and objective, even-handed analysis before we do irreparable harm to our Constitution, our society and out way of life.

Stuart Byles
La Crescenta

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