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Two promised updates:

In its first month, marijuana sales netted Colorado $98 million in taxes, $20 million more than estimated.

One finding from our December site visit was made by Ivette Ruiz, our grant project officer from DC, who said, “Overall, coalition members are dedicated to advancing comprehensive substance abuse prevention planning and advocacy in the Los Angeles area and to forging close ties with the county alcohol and drug programs as well as with other nearby [drug free committee] coalitions.”

One key partner is Didi Hirsch Mental Health, Alcohol and Other Drug Prevention Services, an L.A. county grantee. Led by Annie Ortega, Heather Johnson, and Jennifer Baird, their factual approach to substance use prevention is based on mental health principles. We share resources, connections, information, ideas and laughs.  We work together to reduce underage access and availability to alcohol. Their data found 42% of teens get alcohol from their own home; 38% get alcohol from adults who buy it for them; and 27% get alcohol from adults at their friends’ homes.  Annie Ortega chairs our Alcohol Advocacy Committee and with the help of Heather and Jennifer, has steered our ABC retail signage campaign. (I wrote about the warning signs in nine languages being posted in partnership with the Crescenta Valley Town Council and La Cañada City Council.) Further, we’ll host a free responsible beverage service training in March.

Annie spoke at a strategic partners meeting and before CV Town Council. With Jennifer and Heather, they will speak at the April 10 underage drinking event at CV High School, adding more information about how alcohol impacts a teen’s brain.

Heather and Jennifer stood at a booth with my husband and I checking IDs for five hours at the Montrose chamber’s enormously successful Oktoberfest. The two run afterschool prevention programs at Rosemont and the other middle schools in the GUSD system, and are looking to get into CVHS. Last week, they were given an Honorary Service Award (HSA) from Glendale Council PTA at the Founder’s Day dinner! Best of all, they are so smart about prevention, they care about kids, they are always willing to help, they always come through and they’re good company!

Rest assured this partnership between Didi Hirsch and CV Alliance will persevere to keep kids safe, healthy and happy.
Suzy Jacobs, Executive Director,
CV Alliance
3131 Foothill Blvd. Suite D
La Crescenta, CA 91214
(818) 646-7867

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