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Atta Boy for GASFCU
On Feb. 12, I received a call from my credit union, Glendale Area Schools Federal Credit Union, the Risk Management Dept.

After I verified who was calling me, [the caller] asked if I was conducting business in Colorado; since I was not, obvious fraudulent activity was occurring on my account. There were three Colorado charges in total.

The risk manager immediately put a stop on my card. My card number was [apparently] captured from [a store] in Burbank just before Thanksgiving. Only the card number was stolen; the card never left my possession.

The risk manager advised me on exactly what to do, what paperwork to complete and when. They captured the fraudulent activity within 30-40 minutes of when it occurred!

I was concerned for the merchant in Colorado and called. They were able to review their security cameras and observe the thief purchasing a carton of cigarettes. He left and drove to another store of the same chain and used the card again. Security cameras captured his face, his vehicle and license plate. Sheriff and police reports have been made locally and to Colorado as the chain has been victimized several times by this man. This time, because of the information provided by risk management at our GASFCU, the Colorado chain stores have a photo of the thief and, with other information, the police there can begin an investigation if they choose.

I realize several members are upset over the inconvenience of their card being cut off due to the store’s compromise. But I’m impressed with the credit union and grateful that they were so proactive; things could have been a lot worse.

The Glendale Area Schools FCU exceeded my expectations and provided superior customer service by being vigilant, alerting me immediately and providing guidance. Good job!

Kim Mattersteig
La Crescenta

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