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There’s a potential issue at the new library I found on my first visit the week it opened. I approached the new front entrance on foot from the west and met a mother and her two very young children at the base of the stairs. I stayed to the extreme left side of the staircase as I ascended giving mom and the kids plenty of room on my right. I’m a senior and tend to look downward when climbing stairs. I made it up to the last step just fine, began looking up to move forward and slammed my head directly into the book depository slot that juts out at the very top of the stairs. I saw the box itself, but didn’t expect the “chute” to be actually in my path and below my sight line. And the collision raised a good-sized welt on my forehead. I’m old school and the thought of suing never occurs to me, but after mentioning the incident I was surprised how many friends “joked” about doing just that. And maybe the next person that smacks their head there will. I can also see the right sized youngster running into it as well. Please have this corrected.
Nick DiGiovanni
La Crescenta

I see nothing fortunate about the destruction of the little well (Mike Lawler, “Oh well…goodbye, Indian Springs well,” Feb. 4). It provided some human scale on that pedestrian-unfriendly strip of Verdugo. I loved its homemade style.
As the renovation [of the complex] progressed, the fate of the well crossed my mind each time I went by or into the shopping center. Somehow I had gotten the idea that the plans included incorporating the well somewhere into the project. It would have fit nicely right there under their gargantuan new sign, it appears!
So I went my way, busy as we all are. But looking back, I could have fit in a couple more phone calls, or an e-mail, or buttonholed a construction foreman at the site, or other proactivity.
This has been a good lesson for me and I am already an activist! No matter how well we are served by a well-organized and well-intentioned community group like the CV Historical Society, they can’t do it all for us.  All together now: “If it is to be, it is up to me!”
Roberta Medford

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