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You probably read about the passing of Kyle Dubin in last week’s issue. As was mentioned, Kyle and another teen were the reason behind the founding of this organization.  Go to our website and read our origin story submitted by his mom, Susan Dubin, a founding member.

I knew Kyle when Julia Rabago asked if I minded if she brought him in as an intern.  No, as long as you’re in charge of his time. Kyle was so polite, always called me ma’am, and he was articulate, creative and willing to try new things. He was there when we started organizing our youth group and made the first outreach flyer featuring Uncle Sam. During the time he was with us, I watched a lot of “Lock Up” about life behind bars. There was an episode featuring young people who said nothing anyone said would have prevented them from doing drugs, drinking alcohol or making risky decisions. Kyle had the same answer when I asked him this question:  What could anyone have done differently to keep you from a bumpy road?

Hearing that nothing would have mattered when you were working hard to prevent underage substance use and abuse was expected. Everyone has his/her path, and we could only do our best.

I saw Kyle last at Orange Fest when he answered questions at our Expo. Our videographer caught him on film and I’m hoping there’s a way to add him to our CV Alliance video, “Circle of Life.” May his memory be a blessing.

Julia, on the other hand, kept in close contact with Kyle and had lunch with him the week prior to his passing.  She spent hours talking to him, listening to him and encouraging him.  As we learned through the 40 Developmental Assets, kids need non-parental adults in their lives and Kyle could always count on Julia. His passing threw her for a loop as it did many. Julia said he was so intelligent and was destined for something so great and important that she couldn’t put it into words. Kyle Dubin’s passing leaves a void.

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Suzy Jacobs, Executive Director,
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