Questions the Wisdom of Nixing Gun Show
So the Glendale Civic Auditorium will have a cash shortfall. Good for them.  They asked for it. They kissed over $160,000 per year, by their figures, away.  They got rid of that evil gun show that was so dangerous there were never any problems. Nice civil folks having a good time. No problems there. Why? It was not a gun free zone. Only a certified idiot would try and shoot that place up.

The man I saw on TV was so emotional that ammunition and guns were being sold across the street from the college and near Verdugo Woodlands Elementary. The gun shows were held on Saturday and Sunday. There were no students in the schools. Too bad he was not worried about the drugs being sold at the college. They were available in small quantities in 1961 when I was there.  I am sure that drugs are still available.

Now I will just go to the gun show in Pomona that will profit from my attendance. And when I come home, I will get off the 2 at Mountain, drive by the college going both west and north and then cruise on by Verdugo Woodlands Elementary. In fact, when I come back from the range I take the same route.  At that time I have firearms and ammunition. All carried as specified by California law.

Good show, Glendale City Council.  I am glad I do not live in your city.

Tom Suter
La Crescenta

No Surprise Here
Am I surprised that Glendale has been pushing to ban their annual gun show? As a matter of fact, I am! The lost revenue aside, have people forgotten history? Glendale has a very large Armenian population and it is through the history of Armenians, as well as Jews, that we should examine the “price” of restricting American citizens from having weapons. Education on firearms is the key to understanding the pros and cons of gun ownership. By banning gun shows, the public is robbed of facts, expertise and the opportunity to make informed decisions.

Look at cities in the U.S. that have the most restrictive gun laws. Statistics prove that unarmed, decent citizens are being slaughtered by criminals … criminals who obtain their weapons illegally. Chicago and Washington D.C.  are examples of how further regulations do nothing to protect the innocent.

In June of 2012, the number of people killed in Chicago outnumbered the troops killed in Afghanistan! Just recently, Hadiya Pendleton was shot and killed in the South Side of Chicago. Hadiya was 15 years old, an honor student, and had participated in President Obama’s inauguration. One year ago this month (February) the violent crime rate in Washington D.C. increased by 40%.

The tragedy in Newtown and the loss of lives would not have been prevented by more restriction. Adam Lanza stole weapons from his mother.  His intent was to kill and if she hadn’t had guns, he would have searched out another way to achieve murderous carnage.

The City of Glendale would benefit from sharing stories of how many lives are saved each year through the personal protection of guns. The (Glendale) police should have an exhibitor booth at gun shows, advocating safety classes to teach responsible citizens how they can save their loved ones from violent criminals and yes, out of control governments.

Let us never, ever forget the tragedies of the Armenian and Jewish people. A brief study on the genocide in Cambodia will open eyes regarding what happens to an unarmed populace.  We must learn from past atrocities in order to prevent the same from happening in this great nation.

Debi Devens
La Crescenta


  1. Patricia L. Buchanan   February 7, 2013 at 9:45 am

    I grew up in Glendale and went to CVHS…..My father was a NRA hand gun champion and had a mail order gun business……I today, have a permit to carry a concealed weapon and from all of the NRA SPONSORED ACTIVITIES, I LEARNED TO SHOOT MY FIREARM CORRECTLY. I learned the value of cleaning it and keeping it in proper working order…..I LEARNED TO SHOOT AT A GUN RANGE. Without gun shows, people don’t always have safe access to guns inspected and then properly sold, training opportunities to lock up, place; in a safe. cleaning tools and supplies that would also befit anyone wanting to have a weapon that is reliable and that the owner can be assured will be ready to use if necessary……..SHAME ON YOU FOR TAKING AWAY THE RESIDENT’S OF YOUR CITY’S RIGHT to bear arms and to help them safely own same…….A gun show might also talk over 1/2 of the people attending into a smaller sized gun when they are able to speak to knowledgeable! staff about what a homeowner might need for protection……GUN SHOWS foster a respect for and the training necessary to be a firearms owner…….I APPLAUD DEBI DEVENS AND EVERYONE ELSE THAT FEELS NO REMORSE FOR A CITY LOSING MONEY AND NOT SEEING THE FORREST THROUGH THE TREES…….THESE PEOPLE WILL STILL BUY FIREARMS…….HOW MANY WILL END UP INJURING THEMSELVES BECAUSE THEIR OPPORTUNITY TO GAIN EASY KNOWLEDGE WAS TAKEN AWAY?

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