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Lends His Support
Jim [Chase], keep on telling it like you see it [Viewpoints, My Thoughts Exactly, Jan. 26].  Those thin-skinned people can take a hike to a hot place. I too am sick and tired of those who want someone fired or to apologize because they do not agree with what was said or written. That is life. Nowhere is it written that anyone has the right to not be offended. Tough!

I may not always agree, but that is my privilege. I will not conflict with your right, or anyone else’s, to say or write what you want. Dennis Miller said it best when he said that was his opinion, he could be wrong.

If the [CV Weekly] were to let you go for stating your opinion, they would not see another red cent from me.

Keep it up. The others be damned!

Tom Suter
La Crescenta

Takes Offense to Attitude
In the article, “Lunch Signature Needed for CV Kids,” [Jan. 26], GUSD Deputy Superintendent Dr. John Garcia was reported to have said, “It is a privilege to leave campus, not a right.”

I take offense to this. Not solely to Dr. Garcia’s comment, but to the notion that seems to be behind this comment, that students leave certain rights at the door when they enter school, almost as if they were convicted criminals entering prison. This notion is nigh-universally accepted, to where even the Supreme Court upheld the right of schools to punish students for even off-campus speech and those who oppose this notion are lampooned as being only silly teenagers and young adults.

I understand the concerns that have led to the possibility of the CVHS lunch policy being changed. But there are ways to address those problems while still respecting the rights of students.

Michael Sutherland
La Crescenta

Shares His Thoughts on Starbucks Proposal
I’m pretty upset about the proposal of what Starbucks is planning for the remodel of the structure at Ocean View and Honolulu. If it does evolve where they are granted approval, I would like the MSPA along with the City of Glendale to require the original facade of the building be restored. This would benefit the community in the event the business didn’t survive (at least we’d have benefited visually as an community).

In fact, this could be a beneficial approach for negotiating future contracts for outside entities wanting to develop in our community.
Just my thoughts.

Bill Costello
La Crescenta

Cheers to Chase
Jim Chase’s columns are a highlight of the CV Weekly. I like Mr. Chase’s comments, humor and reflections and insights on issues. (Does the Rifleman really fire 13 shots from a rifle that only holds 11?)

A few weeks ago, Mr. Chase mentioned the excessive number of laws passed last year including the surprising number geared toward the homosexual agenda. Recently, letters have appeared not only attacking his opinion column entitled My Thoughts, Exactly, but insisting the column be removed because the writers disagree with the facts, thoughts, and opinions expressed. Yet they all claim they welcome a diversity of writers and opinions.

Perhaps someone else can make sense of this. I am not only puzzled, but I am surprised by the nasty letters. Mr. Chase is to be applauded for characterizing the letters as “vitriol-soaked missives” and moving on to other issues. I’m looking forward to his next column.

Julie Hill
La Crescenta

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