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Petition to Repeal the 7% Utility Users Tax
Today, the public has an opportunity to repeal the 7% Utility Users Tax, which is located on one’s Glendale Water and Power (GWP) utility bill and natural gas bill.  A petition is being circulated throughout our city in which the public has a chance to regain control of their local government from the politicians… enough is enough in taxes and in fees!

While struggling families and businesses are coping with today’s economy, our politicians lack fiscal responsibility. From 2001 through 2012, Glendale’s population actually declined by 4.5%. During the same period, the city’s “budget” increased by a staggering 62%, rising from $438 million to over $700 million. Even with this unprecedented increase in the city’s budget, the [Glendale] City Council is currently proposing further increases in the city’s utility taxes as well as other taxes.

Because our city leaders are either unable or unwilling to control spending and manage resources, the people must take direct action to ensure they do so. Reducing city revenue will force our leaders to be more competent rather than perpetually seeking new ways to tax the public. The utility tax reduction is only 4% of the city’s budget. If our leaders cannot manage a 4% reduction in revenue than we, the people, must take the initiative.

As usual, our politicians will use scare tactics against the uninformed public when claiming “they” need the money.

The collection of signatures neither supports nor opposes the Utility Users Tax Initiative. It simply places the initiative on the ballot and allows the voters to decide their future.

Mike Mohill

More Coverage Requested
For approximately three years I have been following [CV Weekly] articles related to the robotics teams in the area and I’ve noticed that these articles rarely discuss Clark Magnet’s team 696, instead focusing mainly on CV High School’s team 589.

With this system, several of team 696’s accomplishments have been left out. For example team 696 is in the “Top 20 CA FRC Teams” list and was invited along with 68 other teams to the annual Indiana Robotics Invitational competition in the summer of 2013. By no means am I implying that either team is better than the other, I just wish for the community to be more informed on Clark’s team than they are at the moment so that all teams are supported equally among the Crescenta Valley residents.

Karin Najarian, middle schooler  Montrose

Responds to Suter
[Reader Tom] Suter is misinformed on a number of issues [Letters to the Editor, “Cheers Chase,” Jan. 23]. First, I have been a loyal subscriber to this paper from the very beginning, so you did not pay for my copy. I also pay the very reasonable $52 per year and have since this fine paper’s first year. Also, I strongly support our local advertisers – you would be hard pressed to find a merchant shop or restaurant in our community that does not know me by name as a loyal customer.

The taxes the government “confiscates” from us provide for national security, fire protection for your home, security (police) from crime, etc. Our beautiful library here in La Crescenta was not free; tax money helped us build it. Interesting you mention Amazon free shipping with cost added to product price. I pay $79.95 plus tax a year for my “free shipping” from Amazon. Preventative yearly physical exams and cancer screenings are now covered under our health insurance – used to be out of pocket.

Just so you know, Mr. Suter, I help save the taxpayers money every year through volunteer work. I am a sworn Disaster Services Worker for L.A. County Sheriff and L.A. City Fire-trained by FEMA and Homeland Security. I am a sheriff volunteer, L.A. City Fire volunteer, CERT Level 2 volunteer, American Red Cross volunteer, L.A. County Parks volunteer, Montrose Chamber of Commerce volunteer, member Crescenta Valley Chamber of Commerce, DART certified (Disaster Animal Rescue Team), and Glendale-Montrose Christmas Parade volunteer [I bring the wolves].

In my spare time I volunteer at four exotic animal sanctuaries where I work with, handle and train wolves, wolfdogs, and reptiles. So I am not the “freeloader” you make me out to be. I pay taxes willingly for the services they provide and contribute back to my community – I also served as a CV Town Council president and councilman for four years.

You say “Anything that is ‘free’ is paid by someone at some point.” I would like to point out that all my volunteer work is provided “free” – no one pays for it but me.

Opinions are fine but they are better if supported by facts.

Jerry Van Orden
La Crescenta 

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