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Armenian (American?) Museum


I am rather baffled by the prospect of building an Armenian museum here in Glendale (“AAM Project Presented,” CV Weekly, Jan. 14). After all, I don’t believe Glendale hosts a museum of any other country, i.e. Italy, Poland, Korea, Germany, Mexico, Ireland, etc.

Plus, having traveled extensively, I have never seen a “United States” museum in any other foreign country.

Mr. Zavan Kazazian, of the proposed museum’s executive committee, recently made an absolutely lovely sounding statement about the “Armenian experience translating into learning about other cultures.” This, frankly, is utterly meaningless especially here in Southern California, the multicultural hub of North America.

Also – he seems to indicate that the museum will not be self-sustaining, and will depend solely on private donations? Another ethereal statement.

The British Museum is in London; the Vatican Museum is in the Vatican, the American Smithsonian Museum is in D.C. and the gorgeous Chinese Museum is in Shanghai. It would make much more sense to put an Armenian museum in the capital of Armenia – and, of course, encourage people to visit it there.

Louise Delaney

La Crescenta

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  1. Liz Nelson says:

    The idea of a museum that is the “Armenian experience translating into learning about other cultures” sounds lovely and like we do as we learn our neighbors and enjoy ethnic restaurants, shops and their holiday festivals.

    Plus we already have that with the Pacific Asia Museum and the Chinese and Japanese Gardens at the Huntington Library and the Finish Folk Art Museum. There are probably many others I’ve not covered but surely these few make the point.

    All museums and art galleries are wonderful opportunities, especially for those that cannot travel, to experience more of the world and consequently develop more empathy for differences and see that those differences only show how much we are the same.

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