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Cheers Chase
I think Mr. Van Orden should check his wallet and tax returns. In his letter [Viewpoints, ‘The Horrors of Jim Chase Obamacare,’ Jan. 16], he speaks of the federal government paying for 100% of the Medicare cost that is later reduced to 90%. He also mentions free exams and screenings. All of this is not free. The federal [government] gets the money in two ways. It confiscates it from us, the taxpayers, and it prints more money that has no value, another tax. Nothing is ever free. That free shipping with Amazon, etc.? Forget it. The shipping is included in the cost. Anything that is free is paid for by someone at some point.

Did you pick up a free copy of the CV Weekly? That paper may be free to you, but someone else paid for the paper – printing, distribution and so on. Those of us who send in our $52 a year helped provide you with that paper. The advertisers, bless them all, did the lion’s share of providing you with that free paper. I hope Mr. Van Orden buys from the advertisers.

Just a passing thought on pre-existing conditions. Mr. Van Orden, should car drivers be able to buy insurance after the accident to pay the claims? Why not? Why buy insurance until you need the money?

Jim, just keep calling them as you see them. You will never make everybody happy. So do not even try.
Tom Suter
La Crescenta

More Kudos for Chase
Jim Chase had a great article in the Jan. 9 issue of the CV Weekly 
[‘Over 40,000 New Laws. Whatever Happened to Gridlock?’ My Thoughts 
Exactly]. Thank you for printing the truth.
Jack Geer

La Crescenta

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