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Update: Oklahoma legislators asked their attorney general to pull the state from the lawsuit charging Colorado with violating federal supremacy for selling marijuana because they support states’ rights. While this doesn’t mean they support Colorado’s action, it means they oppose a strong federal government more.

New data: Ypulse, my link to millenials ages 13 to 32, reports that while 45% said marriage is not as important as it once was, 51% would like to be proposed to in public. Does this make sense to you because it makes sense to me. They live online and count the number of friends they have.

My family has been on my mind lately, no doubt because we got together over the holidays in Florida to celebrate my parents’ 80th and 85th birthdays. Our parents raised three different children with similar takes on the world. We have different professions and lifestyles; we have the same sense of humor and we all talk to everyone and we talk about everything – except secrets. We like to laugh and we have strong values. In honor of our parents, we raise our children as we were raised. Too bad not all of our spouses shared our upbringing. That makes it hard to be non-judgmental when your spouse is doing it wrong.

CV Alliance offers two  programs for parents – Walk & Talk on Wednesday mornings and Parent Sessions on Tuesday nights. Walk & Talk is more free-form but more experts attend so you can get varying opinions. The Parent Sessions in January focus on safe homes and rehab and relapse, a vicious cycle. For parents and children, we have our Teen Trials beginning on Jan. 22. The topic is “Teen Anxiety & Depression,” a good conversation starter.

These are free opportunities to talk to experts and to enhance your parenting skills. We hope to see you! You can always learn a new thing or two, and you never stop being a parent.

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