Chastises Chase
In response to Jim Chase’s column last week, I find his opinions extremely insulting and narrow-minded [New Year, New Laws, Same Old Sacramento, Jan. 5, Viewpoints]. Of the 760 newly passed laws, he focused mostly on the ones designed to protect LGBT people. According to him, there should be no laws dealing with gay bullying. Is he at all aware of the recent rash of suicides, not to mention the murder of teenager Larry King?

Sadly, it is views similar to Chase’s that continue to spread violence and hatred in our world.
 Garrett Saurer
La Crescenta

More Pressing Issues Than Closing Campus
I am writing in response to the article in the CV Weekly regarding “Garcia To Present Lunch Policy Findings at GUSD Meeting” [Jan 5]. To close the CVHS campus at lunch or not to close it seems to be a big question right now for our Glendale Unified School District … but why?!

Whose idea was this, anyway?! And why is GUSD doggedly continuing to expend time, energy and precious money pursuing this item? It seems they have elevated the concept to “issue” status, but why? There are so many other clearly demonstrated needs on which GUSD should be focusing its resources, e.g., the status of emergency lighting systems in school building stairwells.

There is tremendous opposition among CVHS parents and students to the very notion of closing the CVHS campus at lunch – and further at the very thought of installing fencing to accomplish that goal. This message has recently been clearly conveyed to GUSD on numerous occasions. Even the CVHS PTSA has voted to take a position in opposition to closing the campus at lunch.

Some matters regarding less-than-exemplary student behavior on and off campus have been identified as being problems that need resolution. To want to address these matters is understandable. Irresponsible behavior by a few may affect student safety; it may also diminish the school’s status as a “good neighbor” among residents and businesses in La Crescenta. Therefore, appropriate attention by GUSD specifically to these matters is warranted.      However, no compelling need for the radical action of “closing the campus” and/or fencing it in has been established. There are other ways to address the matters of poor behavior by a small number of CVHS students and any “collateral damage” that this bad behavior causes.

I want our highly paid GUSD administrators to approach this matter with creative, workable ideas that are respectful of everyone involved. What are needed are solutions whose implementation will not commit the already cash-strapped district to additional – unnecessary — financial burdens. I am not alone in believing that a good solution can be crafted by involving all the stakeholders in the effort to find it.

Some have suggested that costs associated with physically “closing the campus” be paid with “Measure S” funds. Oh, dear!  Is that really why Glendale residents voted in “Measure S?” I don’t think so! I thought the overriding concern was to provide technology for our students and to ensure the structural integrity of existing classrooms and school buildings.

I encourage parents and students to attend the Jan. 17 meeting of the GUSD Board of Education. I am sure the board would appreciate their input, particularly from their electorate.
Maggie O’Rourke
La Crescenta