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Bagpiper, Dancers Visit Lincoln

Bagpiper, Dancers Visit Lincoln

St. Patrick’s Day, the enduring celebration of everything Irish, hosts a number of traditions. In elementary school, the only tradition routinely followed is the wearing of green, lest one desires pinching and general harassment.
Lincoln Elementary took it a step further this St. Patrick’s Day with an exhibition of some of the holiday’s cultural [...]

Celebrate St. Patty’s in the Montrose Shopping Park

Celebrate St. Patty’s  in the Montrose  Shopping Park

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! In the Montrose Shopping Park, we enjoy all the special holidays and seasons of the year. St. Patrick’s Day is no exception. Isn’t it nice to have a place close to home where you can celebrate? Corned Beef and cabbage is a “must have” today and there are several places that [...]

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