I’ve Been Thinking… » Sharon Raghavachary

I’ve Been Thinking…    » Sharon Raghavachary

Pondering Politics
This Friday marks 238 years since the adoption of the Declaration of Independence, which led to the formation of our beloved United States of America. Could our founding fathers have foreseen the state of our nation’s current political landscape? Could they have predicted the polarization that exists today?
This divide shows up in many ways, […]

» Sharon Raghavachary

» Sharon Raghavachary

The Status of Our Students

Before I get into the subject of my first column, I’d like to thank publisher Robin Goldsworthy for inviting me to write for the CV Weekly. I am honored to be in the esteemed company of CV Town Council President Robbyn Battles, Assemblyman Mike Gatto, and Congressman Adam Schiff.
The Glendale Unified […]