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Questions About Today’s Real Estate?
Ask Phyllis!

Dear Phyllis,
We are thinking of renovating our house over the course of the next couple of years. We hope to remain in our home for the next 10 years, so while resale is a concern, the remodel is for our pleasure and convenience.
May in La Crescenta
Dear May,
When remodeling keep the […]

Ask Phyllis!

Dear Phyllis,

I have interviewed three real estate agents regarding the sale of my mother’s home. Last October an appraiser valued the home at $1,400,000. The real estate agents I interviewed have suggested listing the home at: $995,000, $1,050,000 and $1,200,000. Why do you think there is such a discrepancy among them and why do […]

Questions About Today’s Real Estate? ASK PHYLLIS!

Ask Phyllis!

Are There Upfront Fees When
Selling Your Home?

Dear Phyllis,
I’m thinking of selling our home this summer. I have a few concerns about what to expect in fees. What upfront costs am I going to encounter when listing my home for sale with a Realtor®? Do I have to initially order any disclosures or inspections such […]

How To Hire a Realtor®

I have interviewed several Realtors® regarding the sale of my home and frankly they all seem about the same. The only major difference is some have lots of listings, while others have very few. I am concerned my home may not be a priority for someone with too many listings.
What is your opinion?
Dear Gigi,
You […]

Should I sell or rent my current home?

Dear Phyllis,
In 2003 I purchased an 800 square foot home, married several years later and last year had twins. The home is simply too small. I was thinking it may be easier to just rent this home and buy another. Where do I start?
Dear Jim,
Qualifying for a loan is a bit more challenging […]