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Breaking Down Donald Trump’s Cabinet Picks
Last week, we completed the peaceful transition of power from the administration of President Obama to that of President Trump. A great many of my constituents have significant questions about what a Trump presidency will mean for them, and for the entire country. For other constituents, the inauguration was a […]

Our Political System is Under Cyber Attack

» By Adam SCHIFF
This election season will be remembered for many reasons, but we may also end up recalling this election as the one where our democracy came under a sustained and coordinated attack by hackers determined to discredit our system. Americans of all political affiliations should be deeply concerned about this development, which threatens […]


A Call to Fund Earthquake Warning Technology
Living in Southern California has many constants – we have sun, we have surf … and we have earthquakes. We’ve been taught by public service announcements many times over to drop and cover ourselves as the shaking begins. Our schools run mandatory drills to instruct our students how to […]


By Adam Schiff

As this year draws to a close, I wanted to update you on some of the issues and legislation I have worked to advance this year.

First, for a long time I have worked to protect the “Rim of the Valley” corridor, passing legislation to authorize the Dept. of Interior to study options for […]

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Caring for Our Nation’s Veterans
Earlier this month, we took time to pause and thank our nation’s veterans for their service and the brave sacrifices they have made for this country. At the same time, we reflected on how much remains to be done to support our service members when they leave the Armed Forces. And […]

NEWS FROM Washington » Adam Schiff

U.S. Needs to Catch Up on Implementing Earthquake Early Warning System
While the United States is the most technologically advanced country in the world, we still lag dangerously behind other countries in implementing one key technology that can save lives, property and infrastructure – an earthquake early warning system.
Imagine getting a warning a few seconds or […]

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Planetary Science and the Great Adventure

In December, NASA launched its first unmanned test flight of the Orion spacecraft, which will eventually take astronauts to an asteroid and Mars.  Think about that for a second – what was only dreamt about in science fiction novels and films will become a reality within the lifetime of many […]


Vast and Often Anonymous Campaign Expenditures Threaten Our Political System
I remember the first time I heard the ad on the radio. I was driving down the 134 Freeway, three weeks before Election Day in 2000, and in a very competitive race for Congress against the incumbent. An angry woman’s voice came on the radio and […]


High Speed Rail Should Be Done Right

California has been a leader in the nation in so many ways, and over the next few years, we will have the opportunity to do so again by constructing the nation’s first high speed rail. This is long overdue – while many countries in Europe and Asia have used […]