Led by Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch, Patriots quarterback Tom Brady and Saints wide receiver Marques Colston, Carl Dinger won the semi-final round of the Junior King-of-the-Hill championship with 86 points. Taylor Bosveld was second with 60 points, Hayden Dinger was third with 59 and Gavin Dinger finished fourth with 44 points. Carl and Taylor will play for the Junior King-of-the-Hill championship.
Here are their teams:

Carl Dinger    Taylor Bosveld
Quarterback    Tom Brady, NE    Peyton Manning, DEN
Running Back    Marshawn Lynch, SEA    Adrian Peterson, MINN
Receiver    Marques Colston, NO    Demaryius Thomas, DEN
Kicker    Mason Crosby, GB    Steve Gostkowski, NE
Def Spec Team    Minnesota Vikings    San Francisco 49ers

Pierce wins CV Fantasy Football III, week 15.
With outstanding efforts by Carolina quarterback Cam Newton (23 points), Detroit wide receiver Calvin Johnson (22 points) and Baltimore running back Ray Rice (21 points), Pierce scored 91 points to beat two runner-ups. Carl Dinger and Dan Hooper each received 86 points from their teams. All three will qualify for the season ending playoffs.
Steve Pierce  91 points  •  Carl Dinger  86 points  •  Dan Hooper  86 points

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