Heurkins Repeats, Youth Star in Christmas King-of-the-Hill

Holly Heurkins rolled to an impressive 71-28 victory over Tho Bui. Heurkins’ team was led by Saints’ quarterback Drew Brees and Seahawk running back Marshawn Lynch. In our Christmas week King-of-the-Hill we are featuring four young students. Carl, Hayden and Gavin Dinger and Taylor Bosveld have played CV Weekly Fantasy Football III all year. Taylor, Hayden and Carl are seventh graders and Gavin, our youngest player, is in the third grade. This will be a two-week “Junior King-of-the-Hill.” The top two finishers this week will face off next week for the “Junior King-of-the-Hill Championship.”
Here are their respective teams:

                                          Hayden                                Gavin
Quarterback                     Peyton Manning, Den             Aaron Rodgers, GB
Running Back                 Steve Jackson, STL                   Adrian Peterson, MINN
Receiver                           Victor Cruz, NYG                      Vernon Davis, SF
Kicker                              Seb Janikowski OAK                  Matt Bryant, ATL
Def Spec Team              Baltimore Ravens                      San Francisco 49ers

                                     Taylor                                        Carl
Quarterback                Peyton Manning, DEN              Tom Brady, NE
Running Back               Adrian Peterson, MINN          Marshawn Lynch, SEA
Receiver                     Demaryius Thomas, DEN            Marques Colston, NO
Kicker                        Steve Gostkowski, NE                   Mason Crosby, GB
Def Spec Team         San Francisco 49ers                     Minnesota Vikings

Webber wins again!
With 88 points, Terry Webber won the week 15 Fantasy Football game. Tom Flanagan finished second and Holly Heurkins was third.

Terry Webber  88 points   •   Tom Flanagan  82 points   •   Holly Huerkins 71 points