The Falcons overcome Pasadena in shootout

CVHS Falcon Harry Pessy makes an impressive vault over the defense on his way to a touchdown. Photos by Greg COOK
CVHS Falcon Harry Pessy makes an impressive vault over the defense on his way to a touchdown. Photos by Greg COOK

By Brian PARK

CV Weekly intern

The Falcons defeated Pasadena High School 38-21 Friday night in a game where defense could not be found., with both teams combining for over 1000 yards, and the ball seemed to never stop moving.

On opening kickoff, runningback Harry Pessy received the kickoff and ran it for a touchdown. Pasadena came right back, scoring on the second play of their opening possession, although not converting the extra point to leave the Falcons with a 7-6 lead.

The Falcons  would have none of it, speeding down the field to get to the 30 yard line. Kyle Cota then threw a touchdown pass to wide receiver Mike Bako, who snagged the ball with one hand, putting the Falcons up 14-6 within the first two minutes of regulation.

Pasadena started out explosive, as they would be all game, and got to the red zone with what seemed like no effort. The Falcons would force their first of several turnovers in the game, with Andrew Carcich grabbing an interception at the Pasadena 5 yard line.

The Falcon offense was slow but effective in the drive following the interception. Fighting hard for every yard, the Falcons were faced with a fourth and 3. The Falcons went for the first down and got it. The Falcons were in rhythm as quarterback Kyle Cota ran the football for 19 yards while breaking a tackle. The Falcons could not create any big plays after that, ending the drive with a field goal, putting them up 17-6.

The ensuing kickoff went out of bounds, putting thePasadena Bulldogs at their own 35 yard line. After two runs by the Bulldogs, the Falcons forced and recovered a fumble at their 41 yard line. After an incompletion, Harry Pessy jumped over a defender and ran for 61 yards and the touchdown.

Pasadena’s quick strike offense started out with a touchback, leaving a lot of ground to cover. Pasadena scored on the drive, leaving the halftime score at 24-13.

Pasadena got the ball back in the second half, but could not hold on, losing a fumble for the second time in the game.

The Falcons took advantage of the fumble and started their way downfield. Pessy started the drive strong with a run of 16 yards. The Falcons then turned to the pass, with Cota throwing two completions for 17 yards. Pessy ran for eight yards on the next two carries, leaving the Falcons with two yards to the endzone. Junior runningback Nikko Domingo then ran the ball for a touchdown with his first carry of the game.

Although down by 18, the Bulldogs would not give up without a fight. The Bulldogs quarterback scrambled away, avoiding a sack and threw a long touchdown pass and converted the two points to bring the Bulldogs within 10 points.

The Falcons resumed the shootout with Harry Pessy bringing the kickoff to the Pasadena 47 yard line. Cota passed to Bako for 12 yards, then ran for another 16. Pessy kept the momentum going with a carry of  10 yards to bring the Falcons within 10 of the endzone. The drive was capped with Cota throwing a touchdown pass to Mike Bako, putting the Falcon’s lead out of reach.

The Bulldogs managed to score once more, but the Falcons prevailed. The Falcons won their fourth straight league game, bringing their league record to 4-1 and clinching a playoff berth.