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CV Ladies Tennis Steamroll La Cañada

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The Falcons won their third consecutive match this week against La Cañada 15-3.

While the Spartans were confident coming off a 17-1 win over Monrovia High School, they were no match for the Falcons.

In singles, the Falcons were almost perfect losing only one match of a total nine.

Emily Borkowski and Karen Ataian, the Falcons’ two best singles players, lost a total of only four games combined.

Borkowski cruised past Sydney Fishchel, Lynn Gilmour and Rachel Wong 6-2,6-0 and 6-0 respectively, while Ataian defeated the same opponents 6-1,6-1 and 6-0.

Jackie Dilanchian, the number three singles player, made way for Christina Garapetian. She won her only match against Wong 6-3, before giving up her spot for substitute players Michelle Choi and Selin Auvzarian.

They had a split result as Choi defeated Gilmour 6-3, while Auvzarian lost to Fishchel, La Cañada’s number one player, 6-0.

The Falcons carried the momentum forward in doubles losing just two matches.

Viktoriya Shumakova and Dilanchian, the top doubles duo, relegated their spot to Sydney Farzadkish and Sally Jo.

The pair won two of their three matches, defeating the pairs Lienna Frazier and Alison Chang and Carley Moore Meghan Knapp by the same of score 6-3. Their only loss was to Spartan number two team of Emily Swanson and Serena Zheng, 6-4.

Shumakova and Dilanchian were given the number two slot but that didn’t change the outcome. The duo crushed their opponents, losing a total only three games in their three matches (6-2,6-0 and 6-1).

Finally, Amanda De Leon and Sarah Oh had a split result before being substituted for their third match.

They lost to Swanson and Zheng 6-4 but got back on track to defeat Moore and Knapp 6-3, while substitutes Alexa Gregorioan and Oh defeated Frazier and Chang 6-4.

The loss seems to be a pattern for La Cañada as they have bowed to the other teams in the Pacific League except for Pasadena.

La Cañada dropped to 8-8 with the loss.

Spartan coach William Moravec said that Falcons’ key players practice more and participate in tournaments outside the high school such as USTA attributing to the team’s strength.

Falcon coach Sarah Wiggins said the key to their success this season has been looking for improvement and not focusing on winning. Her main concern, she said, is for her players to stay healthy and be in control of their nerves going into the playoffs.

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