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Teams do not keep score

La Cañada 34,
Claremont Wolfpack 6

La Cañada 0,
Claremont Wolfpack 49

La Cañada 31,
Claremont Wolfpack 6

La Cañada 0,
Claremont Wolfpack 34

La Cañada 41,
El Sereno 0



LA CANADA 34, Claremont Wolfpack 6

Report submitted by Paul Lopez


On Sunday afternoon, the Gremlin Division for the La Canada Gladiators traveled to Claremont for another electrifying victory, beating the Wolfpack by a score of 34-6. The Gladiators are now 5-1 on the season, and ready for next week’s showdown with the Rosemead Rebels.


It only took two carries for power back, Chase Center, to score two touchdowns and rush for over 100 yards. Center broke a run down the Gladiator sidelines in the first quarter, rumbling down the field for a 55 yard touchdown run. In the second quarter, Center ran 60 yards for his second touchdown of the afternoon. Daylon Beasley shined as he converted on three separate conversions for the Gladiators.  Lenhoff also added to the Gladiators lead on a conversion. Aaron Garcia caught Lucas Lenhoff’s first touchdown pass of the game.


When tight ends Jake Fitzgerald, Brandon Shepherd, Marcus Martin and Marcus Powe were not coming up with big blocks, they were also being Lenhoff’s sure handed targets. Marcus Powe had a beautiful catch and run after Lenhoff threaded the needle on his second touchdown pass of the afternoon.


The Gladiators’ offensive line steamrolled up and down the field. The offensive line led by Joe Kazarian, Charlie Stewart, Christopher Marfisi, Efrem Rivera, Adam Griffin, CJ Corlett, Dylan Luper, Lucas Ponce and Matthew Watson dominated for all four quarters. The Offensive line did such a great job that some first-time ball carriers – Matty Lopez, Dexter Matthews, Carson Center, Matthew Ruf, Dylan Luper, and Joe Kazarian –  also had their opportunities carrying the ball successfully for the Gladiators.


Wide Receivers, Mycah Pasten, Jacob Nies, Dexter Matthews, Matty Lopez, Matthew Ruf, Kane Austen, Aaron Garcia, and Carson Center laid down awesome downfield blocks that helped spring the Gladiators running game and also produced two passing touchdowns.  Pasten also had a few dashing runs on reverses to pick up positive yardage.


The Gladiators defense once again crushed the opposing offense play after play. Daylon Beasley and Aaron Garcia came away with fumble recoveries. Marcus Powe also returned an interception for a touchdown.  Linebacker’s Christopher Marfisi, Colby Rees, and Matthew Watson were all over the field, making big stop after big stop. Rees had a hit in the third quarter that rocked the stands.


The defensive line controlled the line of scrimmage, making it a painful day for the Wolfpack offense. The D-line for the Gladiators led by Kane Austen, Joe Kazarian, Jonah Cisneros, Jake Fitzgerald, Brandon Shepherd, Charlie Stewart, Dylan Luper, CJ Corlett, Lucas Ponce, Marcus Martin, Efrem Rivera, Dexter Matthews and Chase Center brought pressure all game long. C.J. Corlett ended the Wolfpack‘s last drive with a quarterback sack.

Defensive backs Patrick Weinmann, Beasley, Andrew Sharman, Smith, Powe, and Louie De La Cruz did not allow a single pass completion in the Gladiators shutout.


The Gladiator Gremlins return home next Saturday to La Canada High School as they host the Rosemead Rebels for a 10:00 a.m. kickoff.


Junior Pee Wee

LA CANADA 0, Claremont Wolfpack 49

Report by Paul Lopez


The La Canada Gladiator Jr Pee Wee’s played a tough game Sunday evening, in their first night game of the season, on the road, at Claremont High School, where the Wolfpack defeated them 49-0.


The defensive line led by Armand Mkrtchyan, Wiley Roberts, Chuck Meyer, Jarid Ramos, Anthony Lopez, Andres Ramirez, Chris Nava, Kilian Trulick, Jayden Rhee, Triston Kekahuna, and Austin Heberger played tough against the powerful Wolfpack running game. When the Gladiator defensive line shut down the running lanes, they forced the Wolfpack to pass.


Linebackers Clayton Byer, Mitchell Frus and Valentin Nunez came up with some great stops for the Gladiators.


The defensive backs led by Milad Lashgari, Anthony Vasquez, Devin Matthews, Johnny Vasily, Ryan Kim, Mitchell Frus, and Jonathan Tejada did all they could to slow down the passing game for the Gladiators.


Clayton Byer had another strong performance at quarterback for the Gladiators. Byer came out throwing, connecting with Heberger in the first quarter. Johnny Vasily carried the ball much of the time for the Gladiators. Vasily fought hard for every yard he earned. Mitchel Frus and Heberger also ran tough for the Gladiators.  The offensive line led by Christopher Nava, Chuck Meyer, Jarid Ramos, Kilian Trulick, Triston Kekahuna, Wiley Roberts, and Daniel Castaneda had their hands full, opening holes for the Gladiators.


Wide receiver’s Andres Ramirez, Austin Heberger and Jonathan Tejada did their best to get open for Clayton Byer.


The Gladiators come back home, next Saturday, October 27th, as they host the Rosemead Rebels at La Canada HS for a 12pm kickoff.



Pee Wee

La Canada 31, Claremont Wolfpack 6

Reported by Ken Putnam


On an overcast Sunday morning with rain threatening the La Canada Gladiator Pee Wees ran through the Claremont Pee Wees at the Wolf pack home field at Claremont High School 31-6, and improved to 4-2 on the season.


With quarterback Greg Dulcich carrying the football eight times for 134 yards and three touchdowns, followed by Elijah Washington carrying the ball six times for 59 yards and 1 touchdown, the Gladiator offense had little trouble putting up points.  Also running the ball was Artis Candler with 2 carries for 24 yard and quarterback Daron Derderian with one carry of 3 yards for an offense total of 220 rushing yards on the ground. The Wolf pack’s total yardage was 185 yards and one touchdown. Quarterback Greg Dulcich was successful on 4 of 5 passes to keep La Canada moving.


Kicker Chris Wood made good on 3 two-point conversions.


The running game of La Canada was made possible by the La Canada offensive line and backfield of Carson Okland, Evan Estrada, Clayton Esparza, Marcelino Martinez, Greg Simonian, Ashton Baron, Manuel Lopez-Torres, Jacob Buntich, Aaron Wilson and Derek Albanese.


On the defense side of the ball for the Gladiators were Kai Aguila, Anthony Alvarado, Colman Trulik, Jason Watson, Will Stewart and Ryan Beegle.


Next up for the Gladiators are the Rosemead Rebels next Saturday at noon at La Canada High School.

Jr. Midgets

La Canada 0, Claremont 34


Lesser players may have been daunted by the size of the Wolfpack, but our Jr. Midget Gladiators met them with enthusiasm, but the Gladiators ultimately came up short in a 34-0 loss at Claremont High School on Sunday.  The Gladiators are now 3-2-1 on the season.


The defensive line led by Hugo Wallington, Neil Lenhoff, Jackson Totleben, Michael Doud, Jack Kazarian, Daniel Diaz, Theo Chamberlain, and Gavin Chi got to work immediately. The defensive efforts were strong with solid tackles made by made by Drake Barron, Tyler Hill, and Michael Chan and the Wolfpack first possession was thwarted by a fumble, which was recovered by the Gladiators.


The Gladiator offense was slow to start and resulted in a turnover on downs. The Wolfpack then launched their passing game which resulted in a touchdown and a 2-point conversion making the score Wolfpack 8, Gladiators 0 at the end of the first quarter.


Throughout the second quarter, the Gladiator defense further solidified and highlights included big tackles by Bobby Gazmarian, Tyler Hill, a quarterback sack by a host of Gladiators and led by Chan, and a phenomenal second quarterback sack by Brian Erickson.


Offensive highlights in the first half were runs by Richie Schroeder, Gabriel Mathews, and Drake Barron, who made his presence known with a series of carries. The offensive unit was led by Brandt Lukas, Peter Simmeth, Chase Sanford, Riley Center, Chi, Chamberlain and Zach Kejmar, Jack Schaffer, Kyle Ramirez, and Maxx Moreno.


However, the Wolfpack dominated on offense, and scored again in the second quarter, making the score Wolfpack 16, Gladiators 0 at the half.


Once the second half got underway, despite strong defensive efforts of Steven Brown, Gavin Campbell, Lukas, Totleben, Wallington, Chamberlain the Gladiators struggled to keep the Wolfpack at bay.


Key offensive plays in the second half were Gazmarian’s save of a Wolfpack interception, a fumble recovery by Hill, strong carries by Chan, Barron and Hill.


Ultimately the final score was Wolfpack 34 to Gladiators 0.


The Gladiators will next host the Rosemead Rebels this Saturday at La Cañada High School at 4:00pm.


La Canada 41, El Sereno 0

Reported by Ken Putnam


On Sunday evening at Woodrwo Wilson High School in Los Angeles, the Gladiator took on the 5-1 El Sereno Stallions and came away with a 41-0 victory, improving their record to 6-0.  So far this season, the Gladiator offense has scored 277 points while the defense has yet to allow a single score.


The Gladiator running game made short work of the Stallion defense with a running touchdown by Jasher Foster of 28 yards, 3 running touchdowns by Drake Beasley of 40,  2, and 34 yards and a running touchdown by Lucas Loera of 2 yards. Followed up by a pass touchdown from Jasher Foster to Drake Beasley for 45 yards. The offense squad of Hunter Burnett, Mathew Bazarevitsch, Steven Isip, David Frost, Angel Salazar, Charles Weinmann, Jesse Blackwell, Maxx Janeway, Chrisopher Mata and Dominic Jones.


El Sereno’s total yardage in the game was 48 yards with the defense of La Canada of William Rees, Johnnie Padilla, Isaiah Guardado, David de La Cruz, David Vardanian, Brandon Cook, Samuel Martinez, playing a tough game at the scrimmage line.


Next up for the Gladiators are the Hacienda Heights Cougars at 6 p.m. on Saturday night at La Canada High School.



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