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QB Aaron Rodgers’ 26 point game led Matt Goldsworthy to a 78 – 71 victory over Heather Dinger. Heather’s regular QB Peyton Manning had a bye week and she had to play her back up QB Tom Brady. Tom is not Peyton. This week Matt will play Tim Bosveld.
Tim, a first year fantasy football player, has already won three times this season. He’s a CV High School graduate and an avid golfer.
This promises to be a classic game and here are the line-ups:

                                Goldsworthy                       Bosveld
Quarterback          Aaron Rodgers, GB          Drew Brees, NO
Running Back       Arian Foster, HOU           Arian Foster, HOU
Receiver                 Reggie Wayne, IND         Jimmy Graham, NO
Kicker                    Steve Gostkowski, NE      Steve Gostkowski, NE
Def Spec Team    San Francisco 49ers          Baltimore Ravens

Tim Bosveld Wins for the Third Time this Season

After seven weeks, we have our first three-time CV Weekly Fantasy Football III winner this season. Tim Bosveld defeated both his daughter Megan and Matt Goldsworthy 80 – 78.
If you would like to join the CV Fantasy Football III and eventually challenge the King-of-the-Hill, email your line-up to

Week Seven Winners
Tim Bosveld    80 points
Megan Bosveld    78 points
Matt Goldsworthy    78 points

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