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Falcon tennis had its second consecutive win, crushing Pasadena High School 18-0 on Oct. 13.

CV resumed its winning ways after losing to Arcadia 7-11, then posting a 16-2 win over Glendale in their last match.

“Focus and discipline” were the words of the day according to Coach Sarah Wiggins.

In singles, Wiggins put in her substitute players instead of her starters. Despite the lineup change, the outcome was what CV hoped for.

Alexa Gregorian substituted for Emily Borkowski, Sarah Yaghoubi instead of Karen Ataian and Jackie Dilanchian delegated her spot for Selin Auvzarian.

Gregorian cruised past her opponents, losing a total of only two games (6-1, 6-0-6-1). It was her shot at redemption after splitting her last two matches against Hoover the previous Tuesday.

Yaghoubi defeated Chellan Nayar, Gina Iezza and Taylor White 6-4, 6-3, and 6-1 respectively, but despite her efforts she had a disappointing loss of eight games.          Auvzarian, the number three player, was relentless, losing only two games as did Gregorian in her three matches.

In total, the Lady Falcons have lost only 12 games in their single matches.

In doubles, Coach Wiggins changed out only the third spot. Her strategy was solid as the Falcons lost just eight games in total.

The powerful Amanda Lockwood – Sydney Farzadkish team was replaced with Sally Jo and Alice Nam. Lockwood didn’t play because she was ill.

The Jo and Nam duo posted a 6-2 win over Alene Tashjian and Ariana Nazarian. Despite their performance, Coach Wiggins delegated their two remaining matches to Borkowski and Ataian, the number one and two singles players. The transition from singles to doubles didn’t affect their performances as they cruised past their opponents, losing only one game.

The number one slot, including Viktoriya Shumakova and Dilanchyan, lost a total of only two games in three matches.

Finally, Christina Garapetian and Sarah Oh lost only three games in their matches.

The Falcons improved 9-2 overall, including 6-2 in the Pacific division.

Pasadena’s coach Derek Jones said the key to the Falcons’ win was their experience, adding that the team has played together for six or seven years and took coaching lessons outside their high school. His team is in its infancy, having played together for just a year. With the loss, Pasadena dropped to 2-14.

In other contests, the Falcons won their contests on Monday, Oct. 17 against Harvard Westlake 10-8, and on Tuesday Oct. 18 against Burroughs 13-5.

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