CV Dominates Hoover, Looks to Homecoming with Muir

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By Jessica SHUMATE, intern


The Falcon football team showed no mercy Friday night against Hoover High School. Sharing the home field with Hoover, both teams felt the need to claim the turf. After four quick quarters CV defeated Hoover with the final score of 49-0.

The game began slow as CV’s defense casually fought against Hoover (1-5). Underestimating them, Hoover took the opportunity and ran with it, coming close to their first touchdown just minutes into the game. Alarmed that it suddenly became 1st-and-Goal, the Falcons finally slipped into the aggressive mentality the community continues to see week after week. After a failed field goal by Hoover, CV took over the game, scoring seven touchdowns and ending the night with a shutout.

The sun had just started to set as the Falcons tore through a poster that read “you’re not in Kansas anymore,” poking fun at Hoover’s mascot, the Tornado. Right after kickoff, Hoover was put into an uncomfortable position with 3rd and 9. Their sophomore quarterback, Steven Gonzalez, dodged the Falcon defense getting the first down to excite the Tornados’ sideline. He completed the night with a total of 24 passing yards.

After a missed field goal by Hoover, CV dominated the game. Bostin Lakin and Will Rees each scored two touchdowns and Brandon Beardt, Daniel Schuhmann and Joe Suh each scored one. Throughout the game, coaches switched between senior Evan Nelson and junior Tyler Hill for quarterback. Nelson had a total of 137 passing yards while Tyler had 35 passing yards. The successful combination of players led the Falcons (4-2) to win their second straight game.

Now the Falcons must battle it out with one of their biggest competitors, Muir.

“This week was definitely a tune-up week.” said senior wide receiver Boston Lakin. “We’re just trying to get ready to go for next week … I know all the guys will step up to it because we have so many leaders.”

Last year, CV beat Muir 38-26 for the first time in 10 years. To try and keep the winning streak, the team discussed how there are only four weeks left in the regular season.

“We’re just gonna have to be focused, not fool around just focus on football. We have to work hard until our season ends if we really want to be Pacific League champions,” said Suh.

The next few weeks include rivals like Muir, Burroughs, and Arcadia. To make it through they agreed as a whole that they need to believe they will take the league by storm.

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