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Webber Wins Three-In-A-Row, Kroening Takes Week Four

Two weeks ago, Dr. Terry Webber defeated Rick Dinger 64-44 for a three-peat in the King-of-the-Hill CV Weekly Fantasy Football III challenge. Then last week Joe Kroening, owner of Andy’s Transfer and Storage, ended Terry’s three game winning streak, 81-74. Joe, a graduate of Glendale High School, has been a Raiders fan since the days of QB Daryl Lamonica, “the mad bomber.” Like millions in the L.A. area, Joe hasn’t forgiven the Raiders for moving back to Oakland.

This week, Jack Bilheimer, Kiwanis Division 3 Lt. Governor, will challenge Joe. Jack, a John Muir HS alumnus, played “B team” football until a knee injury ended his promising football career. Jack served the people of Glendale for more than 30 years, retiring as a lieutenant in the Glendale Police Department.

Here are the lineups for this week:

                                 Kroening                    Bilheimer
Quarterback             Eli Manning NYG       Peyton Manning, DEN
Running Back          Jamaal Charles, KC    Chris Johnson, TENN
Receiver                   A J Green, CINN          Rob Gronkowski, NE
Kicker                       Robbie Gould, CHI     Matt Prater, DEN
Def / Spec Team    Baltimore Ravens        Green Bay Packers

Heather Dinger wins week three, Carl Dinger wins week four

Dozens of readers are playing CV Weekly Fantasy Football III every week. King-of-the-Hill is a featured game within the game of CV Weekly Fantasy Football III. Everybody has a chance to win each week and you can change your team as often as you desire. The top three teams each week qualify for the wild card playoffs in January. You can still join and play the last 12 weeks of the season buy emailing your team to Lynn McGinnis at

Week three winners        Week four winners
Heather Dinger         73 points       Carl Dinger         92 points
Dick Sheehan            69 points       Tom Flanagan    91 points
Matt Goldsworthy    67 points       Tim Bosveld       86 points

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