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CVHS Lacrosse Holding Tryouts

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Photos by Dan HOLM

Photos by Dan HOLM

By Vincent PAGE, intern

The Crescenta Valley High School Lady Falcons’ lacrosse team has come off an inaugural season in which they went 8-7, becoming the first inaugural team in Southern California to post a winning record. However, that was not quite good enough for coach Boz Crowther and his team, as they hosted tryouts on Saturday, July 11 at the Glendale Sports Complex for next season.

There were 14 new girls who showed up and, interestingly enough, even returning lacrosse players had to try out including starters and captains. Coach Crowther explained that by making everyone try out for the team there will be a competitive atmosphere all year long.

“We want the players to stay hungry. Just because a player occupied a position last season, last game, last practice doesn’t mean she owns it. If somebody comes along who’s playing better, even in the short term, she has the opportunity to take that spot,” Crowther said. “Everybody needs to expect to re-earn their spot every season.”


Most girls trying out had prior experience in lacrosse, but a few did not. They were quickly taught basic skills, while the more experienced players practiced various types of catch, including left-handed throwing and catching and passing to each other while running toward each other.

“Most of the live drills we do try to reflect game situations, like putting two players against each other to see who can control a ground ball,” Crowther said as he described tryouts and practice and what skills he was looking for.

With most girls already having lacrosse in their schedules and coming to tryouts fresh from camps hosted by colleges such as USC and UCLA, the team had extremely successful tryouts. The new participants along with those returning are expected to be enough players to fill both the varsity and junior varsity teams.

Looking ahead to the season, Crowther is eager to move past teaching the girls the fundamentals of lacrosse and instead “just start playing lacrosse.” With that determination, the Lady Falcons can expect to have an even stronger season and perhaps grab the league title along the way.

The last day of tryouts will held Saturday at the Glendale Sports Complex from 10 a.m. to noon. For more information on the team, visit

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