A regal ending to league opener

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The summer Burbank basketball league kicked off Tuesday night with the Falcons, 8-4-0 league, faced off against the Simi Valley Royals.

The Royals, who finished league 4-10-0, is traditionally one of the Falcons most worthy opponents. However, by the end of the first half with Crescenta Valley leading by 10 points, it seemed that the Royals left their ‘A’ game in Simi. Strong offensive and defensive playing by the Falcons, particularly by Cole Currie and Dylan Kilgour who stayed in for most of all four quarters, left the Royals scratching their heads as they headed into the locker room at the half.

Returning to the boards it was a revitalized team that quickly narrowed the Falcons’ lead. Strong handling by the Royals with an aggressive offensive took the Falcons from a comfortable10 point lead to just three at the bottom of the third, 30-27.

Unfortunately for Crescenta Valley, this was just the beginning of Simi turning on the heat. Christian Misi tried for two but missed leaving an opportunity that Royal didn’t waste, tying the game.

Kilgour continued pounding the boards, taking a shot, grabbing two before being fouled. Regrettably, he didn’t make either.

Royal continued pouring it on, nailing a two-pointer, again tying it with a little more than three minutes
on the clock 36-36. Misi picked up two on a foul but Royal wasn’t about to be shut down and at 1:21 nailed another two again tying the game.

With the clock running down, Kilgour got caught traveling and Royal took possession capturing three points, 38-41. At :30, Royal was fouled by Kilgour but missed the point, however at the next foul seconds
later Royal sunk both its shots bringing the score to 38-43.

Hope was briefly reignited when Currie was fouled and made both his shots, but with :09 left, Royal was again fouled grabbing another two, 38-45. Currie wasn’t about to give up, nailing a three pointer at :03.

But it was over. Royal took the opener 43-47.

CV’s Head Coach Shawn Zargarian recognized his team’s strength in the first half. “We had a lot of energy the first half,” he said. “But we’re out of shape which hurt us in the long stretches. But we played hard and gave a good effort.”

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