Middle Schools Meet Up for Soccer

The four-team middle school league of Rosemont, Wilson, Toll and Roosevelt are currently enjoying a competitive soccer season. This year Rosemont, Wilson, and Toll have a boys’ team and a girls’ team. Roosevelt has a boys’ team and a coed team. Here’s how everyone is faring so far.

Photos by Dan HOLM
Photos by Dan HOLM

Boys’ teams (all have two more boys’ games left)
1. Wilson 3 wins, 1 tie
2. Rosemont 2 wins, 1, tie, 1 loss
3. Toll 3 ties, 1 loss
4. Roosevelt 1 tie, 3 losses
Girls’ teams
1. Rosemont 3 wins (1 more girls’ game left)
2. Wilson 1-1 (2 more girls’ games left)
3. Toll 0-3 (1 more girls’ games left)

Coed teams
1. Wilson 2-0 (no more coed games left)
2. Rosemont 1-0 (1 more coed game left)
3. Toll 1-0 (1 more coed game left)
4. Roosevelt 0-4 (2 more coed games left)

Rosemont’s next game is Tuesday at Roosevelt. A coed game will play first, then it’s the girls’ turn. The season ends on May 8 with Rosemont hosting Wilson. Potential makeup games scheduled for May 13 and May 15.

The Rosemont boys are coached by Iain Blackwood and David Quesada. The girls are coached by Robert Parada. For more information on Rosemont’s sports teams, contact Roger Sondergaard at rsondergaard@gusd.net.

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