Falcons Increase Streak Against Burbank


With two straight wins under its belt, Falcons baseball was looking to continue its streak when it met the Burbank Bulldogs on Tuesday.

CV got off to a good start  and its pitching held down Burbank’s offense for a 3-1 victory.

In the first inning, second baseman Cole Currie singled to get on. Minutes later, right fielder Troy Mulcahey sent the ball outside the park to give the Falcons an early 2-0 lead.

Burbank was able to minimize the damage when their next three players had their hits either saved by the defense or grounded out. Things worsened for CV when Bulldog Dylan Mersola gained a base hit followed with Ryan Favor knocking another base hit, then Frias coming home giving Burbank a single run to trim the lead 2-1 at the bottom of the first.

The bottom of the third saw Burbank having a chance to score when Ricky Perez’s base hit followed by a bunt sacrifice by Chris Okimoto advancing Perez to second. But Frias and Mersola struck out, erasing any hope of capitalizing on their teammates’ progress.

Similar to Burbank, the Falcons came close to scoring in the fourth. After Kyle Murray grounded out, followed by Silva striking out, Powell singled. On the next pitch, he stole second base but didn’t get any farther as Terry Ha’s deep hit to left field was saved by the defense to end the inning.

Just like the second and third innings, both teams went cold on offense, producing no runs..

The Falcons got on the board again in the sixth when Murray hit a home run to right field to extend Falcons’ lead to 3-1. However this time, Burbank couldn’t respond when all their players struck out.

In the ninth, the Falcons’ defense mitigated Burbank’s offense to close the contest.

After the game, Murray said that pitcher Daniel Starkland had the opposition on its toes, throwing pitches inside and outside the corner.

The Falcons next play Burroughs on Friday at Stengel Field at 7 p.m.

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