Spartans’ Soccer Kicks Off with Dual Wins

By Brandon HENSLEY

With Rosemont Middle School having a dominant year in sports so far, it’s now up to the boys’ and girls’ soccer teams to carry on the established dominance.

So far, so good. Both Spartan teams won Wednesday against Toll Middle School on Rosemont’s field. The girls won, 6-0, and the boys also posted a shutout, 2-0, with a great defensive effort, something Coach Henrick Thamasian was proud of. Thamasian, who is in his second year as Rosemont’s boys’ coach, high-fived players and shook hands as they left with their parents. He was most happy with his team’s effort.

“We had more strikers and midfielders dropping back and helping with the defense,” he said. “That was good.”

Thamasian noted that the games last season were all competitive, so even if Rosemont could boast a larger roster – over 40 for Rosemont, maybe half that for Toll – he knew the game would be close.

“The boys’ games are always close,” he said. “Every game we played last year was a one or two-goal difference. I knew going in it would be tough, so we tried to start strong and then I could bring in my seventh graders.”

Thamasian, who also coaches the JV girls at Crescenta Valley High School, said he had 48 seventh graders show up for tryouts, and 30 of them deserved to be on the team. He doesn’t like cutting players because he believes in giving everyone an opportunity to compete.

The team hasn’t had much practice in preparation for the season – four tryouts and three practices – and that means Thamasian recognizes he has to adapt his game plan, at least for now. He wants the Spartans to pass the ball quickly, and utilize the entire field. On defense, they must play together and “shrink” the field, so that it makes the opponent have fewer opportunities to penetrate and score.

“We don’t have time to teach the skills right now. It’s all about making the team work together,” he said.

Both Rosemont teams are on the road next Thursday at Roosevelt Middle School. Kickoff for the first game begins at 3:30 p.m.