Burroughs Bows to CV

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Though it was Christian Misi who nabbed the first basket in Monday’s contest against Burroughs it was Chris Chemlekian who couldn’t seem to miss a shot.

The Falcons hit the boards after a victorious win last Friday over rival Arcadia that filled the Apache gym to the rafters with fans. The Falcons may have carried the triumphant feeling of the 61-56 score onto the court Monday as they easily conquered Burroughs 77-49.

Chemlekian made back-to-back-to-back three pointers outside the arc that overwhelmed an already lackluster defense offered by the Burroughs Indians. Though CV didn’t exploit the height advantage over the Burbank team and

CV’s passing seemed less than stellar, it didn’t seem to matter. Once it was apparent that Chemlekian’s performance was lasting the night, the Indians might have just gone home. Chemlekian ended the night with 26 points, Misi with 13.

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