Third Time’s the Charm, Hooper Wins Super Bowl III

Dan Hooper, the runner-up in 2011 and 2012, came storming back this year to win the CV Weekly Fantasy Football Super Bowl III. Hooper defeated GUSD Superintendent of Schools Dick Sheehan, 88-55.

Hooper, an owner operator for Andy’s Transfer and Storage, put together a roster that included quarterback Tom Brady, running back Frank Gore, receiver Julio Jones, kicker Matt Bryant and defensive special team Baltimore Ravens.

Hooper, a long time pro football fan, enjoys the challenge of fantasy football. He also won the CV Weekly Fantasy Football III King-of-the-Hill, this year. Sheehan, coach of the 1995 CIF champion Covina High School, relied on his coaching background to build a roster that included quarterback Joe Flacco, running back Ray Rice, receiver Michael Crabtree, kicker Stephen Gostkowski and defensive special team San Francisco 49ers.

With Super Bowl III in the history books, the third season of CV Weekly Fantasy Football comes to a close. Thanks to Dan, Dick and all the fantasy football players, the third season was a big success.

Look for us again in August.

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