Hooper Beats Webber, King-of-the-Hill 2013
Dan Hooper defeated Terry Webber to win the first King-of-the-Hill competition. Hooper, who has been a finalist all three years of CV Weekly Fantasy Football, edged out defending CV Weekly Fantasy Football Super Bowl II champion Terry Webber 80-75. Congratulations to both players.

Hooper and Sheehan advance to Super Bowl III
In the closest semi final playoff in CV Weekly Fantasy Football history, Dan Hooper edged out Dick Sheehan 80 to 79. Heather Dinger finished third with 78 points and Pat Longo finished fourth.

Hooper and Sheehan will reset their rosters and face each other this weekend in the CV Weekly Fantasy Football Super Bowl III. Hooper will be making his third straight appearance in the finals and Sheehan his first.

Good luck to both players.

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