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Fantasy Football Results

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11 players entered the wildcard weekend playoffs and 6 are moving on to the second round this weekend. The top two will face each other in the CV Weekly Fantasy Football Championship Game on January 22.


First     Megan Bosveld     Tujunga     113 points
Second     Tho Bui     La Crescenta     102 points
Second     Holly Huerkins     La Crescenta     102 points
Third         Terry Webber      La Crescenta     100 points
Fourth     Tom Flanagan     La Crescenta     93 points
Fifth     Dan Hooper     Tujunga     83 points

We would like to congratulate and thank the players who were eliminated this weekend: Taylor Bosveld, Rick Dinger, Joe Kroening, Pat Longo, Steve Pierce and Fernando Chiari.You made the CV Weekly Fantasy Football very competitive and we look forward to your teams playing again next year.

The Playoffs

The top two finishers this week will playin the CV Weekly Fantasy Football Championship Game on January 21.

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