Crescenta Valley Soccer Still Undefeated After Blowing Past Tornadoes


The CV boys’ soccer team remained undefeated Wednesday afternoon by soundly beating Hoover 6-1. CV’s record is now 6-0-6.

Coming into the game, the Falcons were exuding confidence as they had beaten Burroughs 7-0 in their last match. Furthermore, they had a winning record against the Tornadoes from last season.

The Falcons set the tone from the beginning of the match offensively and didn’t look back. Within minutes of kickoff, they had an opportunity to score.

“We’re playing confident soccer,” said Falcons Coach Grant Clark.

Midfielder Salar Hajimirsagehi played a cross pass to Pavle Atanackovic inside the penalty box that was intercepted by the defense. CV’s Eric Keshishian got the ball out of the scramble but his shot hit just outside the right side of goalkeeper Malek Azadegan.

It was the first of many opportunities as the Falcons attacked with no end in sight.

Alex Berger had a shot that hit just above the top crossbar. Minutes later, defender Erick Trejo got the ball out of a scramble but his shot sailed wide.

It seemed  inevitable the Falcons’ efforts would be rewarded.

Azadegan’s pass to one of the defenders wasn’t strong enough to reach him allowing Atanckovic to steal the ball and put it into the empty net when the goalkeeper was out of position.

Minutes later, Azadegan errored again costing the Tornadoes another goal. Brian Ju mishit a lob intended for Atanackovic that sailed over the goalkeeper, scoring another point for CV.

Azadegan’s poor performance got him substituted by reserve goalkeeper Varant Anmahouni.

However the change up didn’t reverse the Tornadoes’ fortunes as the Falcons scored minutes later.

Berger played a pass to Atanackovic inside the penalty area, Anmahouni tried to intercept the pass in vain as Atanackovic dribbled past him and kicked into the empty net for a 3-0 lead.

The Tornadoes’ nightmare did end when the Falcons scored again.

Defender Trejo got a one-on-one opportunity with the goalkeeper, then passed the ball to Jung Jaehoon in middle of the penalty area who put it into the net for CV’s fourth goal.

While the Tornadoes were in a defensive mode most of the half, they did have some chances to score.

Artin Almary played a lob inside the penalty area, but Nick Ruiz intercepted it with his fists. Hoover’s Romel Sarkisloo got the rebound but couldn’t convert it as he miss-hit it.

Argin Hagoubian had an opportunity just outside the penalty area, but his shot wasn’t solid and rolled toward the middle into Ruiz’s hands as the Tornadoes went into halftime with their backs against the wall.

In the second half, the Falcons got off to a slow start allowing the Tornadoes the chance to act offensively to capitalize on a scoring opportunity. Unfortuantely for Hoover, Sarkis Tumasyan’s lob to Luis Lopez was off as he missed the header.

CV’s Michael Shahnazarian was called for a handball inside the penalty area resulting in an immediate penalty kick for the Tornadoes.

Tumasyan put it to the left side of Ruiz as they scored their only consolation goal.

The Falcons quickly learned their lesson and started playing with the same energy they did in the first half.

Atanckovic made things look easy as he put it to the left side of Anmahouni for a 5-1 lead.

The Falcons had one more in them, sealing the game 6-1.

Clark felt changes in formation made the difference in defense.

“We changed some of the things in midfield that solved a few of our problems … it made us a lot stronger,” he said.

Despite being on a tear offensively, he didn’t want the team to bask in their glory. He wanted the team to be prepared mentally for every game.

However, he didn’t hide the fact that the team played well.

“We played pretty good soccer, fairly pleased with that,” he said.

The Falcons next play Pasadena on Friday at 3:30 p.m.