It’s Hooper versus Webber for King-of-the-Hill
The first year of the CV Weekly Fantasy Football King-of-the-Hill has reached the championship match. With a 76-point effort, two-time winner Dan Hooper easily qualified for the final King-of-the-Hill match. In a tight finish, three-time winner Terry Webber finished second with 57 points. Two-time winner Joe Kroening (55 points), two-time winner Holly Heurkins (51 points) and three-time winner Tim Bosveld (48 points) were the other semi-finalists. Hooper will face Webber this weekend for the title King-of-the-Hill.

Hooper, Sheehan, Dinger and Longo Win Semi-Final Spots
Seventeen players qualified this year for the CV Weekly Fantasy Football III Wildcard Weekend playoffs, with four places in the semi finals up for grabs. Dan Hooper led the way with 76 points, closely followed by Dick Sheehan with 73 points. With 69 points apiece, Heather Dinger and Pat Longo claimed the last two places in this weeks CV Weekly Fantasy Football III semifinals.
Houston Texan running back Arian Foster led Hooper’s team, while Texan kicker Shayne Graham was Sheehan’s best player. Green Bay Packers’ quarterback Aaron Rodgers was Dinger’s MVP and the Baltimore Raven defense and special teams helped secure a spot in the finals for Longo. The top two finishers this week will meet in the CV Weekly Fantasy Football Super Bowl III Jan. 19-20.

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