St. Luke’s of the Mountains blesses the animals

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Last Sunday, Oct. 3, St. Luke’s of the Mountains Episcopal Church hosted its first ever Blessing of the Animals ceremony on its patio reception area. St. Luke’s congregation, which will celebrate its first year anniversary in about two weeks, celebrated the Feast of St. Francis by blessing household pets that were invited to church.

In attendance were about 30 dogs and one really nervous cat. Thankfully, all of the animals were very well behaved, from the big to the small, and some even took communion.
The ceremony was in celebration of St. Francis of Assisi who, after living a life of moderate luxury, gave up all of his possessions and turned to a life of spiritualism. Known for his appreciation and love for all God’s creatures, even the animals, churches annually celebrate St. Francis by blessing the animals that enrich the lives of humans.
Considered a success, St. Luke’s hopes to have the event as an annual tradition.

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